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Best Partnership in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket for Pakistan

Best Partnership in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket for Pakistan

“I couldn’t believe how easy Test cricket was when batting at No. 6. The bowlers were tired, the ball was soft. When I played Thomson at No. 6, he was like a medium-pacer to me”- M. Nazar

Best Partnership in Test Cricket for Pakistan  

Pakistan has produced many great players in test cricket. It is a long list, but some of them are  distinguished like Mudassar Nazar and Javed Miandad. They are both among  the greatest players of  cricket. They set the highest partnership record for Pakistan, and they still hold this record. Below is the list of the best partnerships in test from Pakistan. The list shows the great caliber of Javed Miandad and shows his class.

Serial No

Partners Runs
1 Mudassar Nazar, Javed Miandad 451
2 Qasim Umar, Javed Miandad 397
3 Younas Khan, M. Yousaf 363
4 Ijaz Ahmed, Inzmam Ul Haq 352
5 Mushtaq Muhammad, Asif Iqbal 350
6 Younas Khan, Inzmam Ul Haq 324
7 Amir Sohail, Inzamam Ul Haq 323
8 Javed Miandad, Saleem Malik 322
9 Younas Khan, M Yousuf 319
10 Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq 313

Best Partnerships in ODI cricket for Pakistan

If we talk about the best partnerships in one dayers from Pakistani players, then Inzmamulhaq would be the most dominant player on the list. Many other greats are also on the list but the most distinguished player is Inzi. The difference between his innings and the others’ innings is that he always dominated the opposition and always attacked them and scored at a decent rate.  Among  current players, Younas Khan is also a partnership building player. He believes in partnerships and rotates the strike well.

Serial No Partners Runs
1 Amir Sohail, Inzmam Ul Haq 263
2 Saleem Elahi, Abdul Razzaq 257
3 Saeed Anwar, Ijaz Ahmed 230
4 Shoaib Malik, Younas Khan 223
5 Naved Latif, Inzmam Ul Haq 219
6 Shoaib Malik, M. Yousaf 206
7 Mohsin Khan, Zaheer Abbas 205
8 Moin Ul Atiq, Ijaz Ahmed 205
9 Salman Butt, Younis Khan 205
10 Inzmam Ul Haq,  Saleem Malik 204


Best Partnerships in Twenty20 for Pakistan

Although it is said about Pakistani players that when it comes to twenty20 they don’t believe in partnerships, it is not necessarily true. When it comes to twenty20 cricket they love to attack the opposition. But in many matches Pakistani players have set the best partnership records of twenty20 cricket. The best partnership from Pakistan in twenty20 cricket is from KAMRAN and SULMAN. From one end Kamran attacked the opposition and from the other, Sulman rotated the strike thus building a healthy partnership.

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