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Best Partnerships in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket for India

by on January 8, 2011
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Best Partnerships in Test Cricket for India  

In test cricket, partnership is the basic rule for victory; this fact is  especially true about Indian batsmen. If we look at the partnership records in test cricket, one thing is clear which is that most of them are set by Indian batsman. India has produced many great test cricketers who are famous for their partnership building capabilities. For example, two of the best are Sachin Tendulkar and Dravid. Sehwag is the real weapon for India in any format of the game., He is not only capable of hitting boundaries but can also develop partnerships with other players.

Serial No

Partners Runs
1 MH Mankad, P Roy 413
2 V Sehwaq, R Dravid 410
3 VVs Laxman, R Dravid 376
4 Sachin Tendulker, Db Vengsarkr 344
5 V Sehwaq, Sachin Tendulker 336
6 GR Vishnath, Yashpal Sharma 316
7 G Gambhir, R DRavid 314
8 M Vijy, SR Tendulkar 308
9 R Dravid, VVS Laxman 303
10 SC Ganguly, Youraj Singh 300


Best Partnership for India in ODI Cricket 

Many of India’s greatest victories in One Days Cricket have been achieved  because of the awesome partnerships of SACHIN, DRAVID and SEHWAG. These three players have an amazing understanding of the sport and always build healthy partnerships. If some team fails to build partnerships then it’s chances of victory are  low. Bangladesh has good players who have good techniques and on their day can hit any bowler, but their problem  is that they don’t build partnerships. Most of the time their team relies on individual performances.

Serial No Partners Runs
1 Sachin Tendulkar, R Dravid 331
2 Sarouv Ganguly, R Dravid 318
3 M Azharuddin, A Jadeja 275
4 Sarouv Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkr 258
5 Sarouv Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkr 252
6 Sachin Tendulkr, Ganguly 244
7 R Dravid, Sachin Tendulkr 237
8 Sachin Tendulkr, R Dravid 236
9 Sachin Tendulkr, NS Sindhu 231
10 G Gambhir, V Kohli 224


Best Partnerships for India in Twenty20 Cricket

The importance of partnerships can’t be neglected in any format of the game whether it is test, one day or twenty20. India became the first twenty20 champion because of the partnerships that they built.  By contrast, Pakistan lost that final from India because no Pakistani player tried to build a partnership and at the end there were no wickets left to change the match result. The partnership builder for India is G Gambhir  who rotates the strike and hits boundaries occasionally. Here is the list of the best partnerships in twenty20 for India.

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