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Best Partnerships ODI World Cup Wise and Nation Wise

by on January 4, 2011
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Dravid and Ganguly

Best Partnerships in ODI World Cup

Building a good score is all about partnerships. Many great players believe that without partnerships no team can win matches. If we look at great partnerships we can see that every partnership resulted in the victory of the team. The most noticeable player in the best partnerships list is Sachin Tendulkar, who scored tons of runs in partnerships with different players. The great Waugh brothers also had great partnerships in their career and one of them is part of our best partnership in the world list.

Serial No Pairs Partnerships
1 Sourav Ganguly + Dravid 318
2 Sachin Tendulkar + Ganguly 244
3 Sachin + R Dravid 237
4 R Ponting + D Martyn 237
5 F Kloppenburg + Klaas V Noortwijk 228
6 Mark Waugh + Steve Waugh 207
7 Michael Clarke + Brad Hodge 204
8 Ganguly + Sehwag 202
9 Gordon Greenidge +D Haynes 195
10 Saeed Anwar + Wasti 194

Best Partnerships in ODI World Cup-Nation wise 

In cricket, partnership is the key to success. If we look at the history of any country, one thing would be common, and that is the fact that partnerships played an important role in all their victories. Batting partnerships show the understanding of players in the field. They show how players handle situations and make decisions quickly and accurately. It also shows the importance of team games and proves that an individual is nothing in a team sport. No individual performer can lead the whole team to victory. This might happen once a year, but for consistent victories, teams need great partnerships. Here is a list of the best partnerships in the World Cups nation-wise.


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