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Best T20 Cricket All-rounders of England and West Indies

Popular cricket players of English cricket team: Paul Collingwood

Top Five T20 Cricket All-rounders of England 

Recent T20 World-champions, England have so-far produced truly magnificent all-rounders, possessing all the skills required to succeed in T20 cricket such as high level of aggressiveness, determination and ability to overturn an entire match. Paul Collingwood, who recently captained England to T20 Worldcup victory, is the number one T20 all-rounder of England because of his indispensable form, excellent fielding, top class batting and wicket taking deliveries. He has currently scored 561 runs and has taken 16 wickets in just 33 T20 matches. Collingwood is followed by Luke Wright, a player known for his pace-bowling, destructive batting and morale-lifting performances on cricket fields. He is the one to score 328 runs and take 6 wickets in just 27 T20 matches.

Another personality to be admired is Andrew Flintoff, currently ranked as third best T20 all-rounder of England for his uplifting effect on team morale, whole-hearted and magnificent bowling along with top quality batting. However due to fewer appearances, Andrew Flintoff has only scored 76 runs along with 5 wickets in 7 T20 matches. As a result England is considered as the most fearsome team, full of lethal all-rounders, to play with. Top all rounders of England Cricket Team in T20:

  • P.Collingwood
  • L.Wright
  • A.Flintoff
  • S.Broad
  • T.Bresnan

Top Four T20 Cricket All-rounders of West Indies 

West Indies is considered as one of the most lethal T20 team because of their well talented all-rounders, professionals of well-timed hard-hitting and astonishing bowling to pressurize the other team. Chris Gayle ranks number 1 in the West Indies cricket team for his ability to disgrace opposing bowler, aggressiveness and impressive off-break bowling which has helped him to score 617 runs and take 12 wickets in just 20, T20 international matches. In rankings, next is Dwayne Bravo because of his ability to score highest runs in every match and gather large sum of wickets for West Indies by using his destructive batting techniques and complex medium-fast bowling which also involved some very slow deliveries to confuse the batsman. As a result he is able to score 344 runs and take 19 wickets in just 22 T20 matches. Kieron Pollard scored 190 runs and 11 wickets in just 20 T20 matches, is another highly praised West Indies all-rounder in world of T20 cricket as he did some memorable hard-hitting involving many sixes and wicket taking, medium pace bowling. In future Westindies will produce some more high-caliber all-rounders with extraordinary abilities.

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