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Best Wicket keepers in World Cup Cricket-Nation wise and World Cup Wise

Adam Gilchrist

Best Wicket keepers in World Cup Cricket-Nation wise

Wicket keeping is the most important component for a bowling side; bowlers need a huge support from wicket keepers. If the wicket keeper is not performing well, the performance of the bowler will also go down. Bad wicket keeping can also demoralize the whole team. If we look at the best wicketkeeper list, the best example of the importance of wicket keeping is Kumara Sangakara. He is great Test player, a great wicket keeper and a great captain. As a captain, Kumara Sangakara puts his all efforts into the game and, as a result, the morale of his team is boosted. Whereas if we look at the careers of successful bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Glen McGrath and Murali, we can easily see that they used to have great support from their respective wicketkeepers.

Country Player Victims
Australia Adam Gilchrist 21
Sri lanka Kumara Sangakara 17
West Indies PJL Dujon 16
Pakistan Moin Khan 16
India Rahul Dravid 16
South Africa DJ Richardson 15
New Zealand Brandon McCullum 14
England IJ gould 12
Kenya KO Otieno 12
Ireland NJ O’Brien 9

Best Wicket keepers in World Cups-World Cup Wise

Wicket keepers over the years have played a great role in the World Cups for their teams. The best example could be Adam Gilchrist who has done tremendous work for Australia, and I personally believe that he was a major factor in Australia’s consecutive World Cup victories. This guy not only did a good job with his gloves but also hammered every opposition with his bat and played an important role in Australia’s victories. We can easily say that for every team, whenever the wicket keeper performs well, the team gets a good position in the World Cup. If we look at the best wicketkeepers list World Cup-wise, the one thing made clear is that team performance is directly related to the wicketkeeper’s performance.

Year Player Victims
1975 DL Murray 10
1983 PJL Dujon 16
1987 KS More 11
1992 DJ Richardson 14
1996 IA Healy 12
1999 Moin Khan 16
2003 Adam Gilchrist 21
2007 Adam Gilchrist 17


Top/Best Wicket keeper in Cricket World Cups

Wicket keeping is an important part of cricket. Half of the chances are created by a bowler, but the other half is earned by the wicket keeper. Adam Gilchrist, the former Australian wicket keeper, has given many good performances for his team not only with the gloves but also with the bat. Teams nowadays also focus on the batting abilities of wicket keepers, so the best wicket keepers like Gilchrist and MOIN Khan were not only good wicket keepers but also great batsmen. Other distinguished wicket keepers include Mark Boucher who is a good wicket keeper and a nice batsman as well. In modern cricket where everything is studied before the match, a good wicket keeper can be very helpful for the team.

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