Greatest cricket player of West Indian cricket team: Malcolm Marshall

Malcolm Marshall was one of the finest fast bowlers that the West Indies cricket team had in his history of Test cricket. No wonder his average of Test bowling is 20.94 which is assuredly the best for anyone having taken at least 200 or more wickets. Not just this, Marshall was recognized as a batsman of the lower-order who was not easy to dismiss, this being proved with his 10 Test fifties and first-class seven centuries.

Marshall passed away in 1999 due to cancer but is still remembered as the greatest fast bowler of the time. He first made his International debut by winning 37 wickets in all the first-class innings, an accomplishment that won him his share in the following World Cup team.  The first light of prominence fell on Marshall in 1980 when he performed a strikingly competitive match in the third Test at Old Trafford. A superb season of 1982 called upon Marshall in his best form and he proved it by winning 134 wickets under 16 each and also gave his career best hit of 8-71 playing against Worcestershire.

In 1984, Marshall had emerged as the most optimum bowlers existing in the world and held his best performances for England. Through the 2nd innings, he finished with 7-53 even though he had a broken thumb that time, he single handedly batted through the game to contribute to his team’s winning profoundly. His Best Test performance in Test innings was seen in 1988 at Old Trafford with 7-22 while he sealed the series with a total of 35 wickets at 12.65.

This gem passed away at the age of 41 due to cancer while the entire world of cricket grieved over his tragic early demise.

Famous cricket player of West Indian cricket team: Joel Garner

Joel Garner or Big Joel as we more commonly recognize him as is an ex-cricketer of the West Indian cricket team. He is in fact one of the most highly regarded member of the of late 1970s and early 1980s West Indian cricket team. Garner is particularly recognized for his fast bowling style which had an ever better impact with his height of 6ft 8in which is why he is regarded as one of the tallest bowlers to have played Test cricket.

When it comes to Test cricket, Gardner played a total of 58 Tests from 1977-1987 and won 259 wickets at an average slightly above 20. This ranked him as one of the most influential bowlers of all time. In the limited overs cricket, this giant of a player got his overwhelming presence on the field in effect which resulted in completion of 98 matches wherein he accomplished 146 wickets! Garner is in fact one of the only two players in the history of cricket who bagged more than 100 One Day International wickets averaging fewer than 20. The best performance of Garner was conducted in the World Cup final in 1979 against England when he had a 5 for 39.

Joel Garner was appointed as the interim management of the West Indian cricket team for the Sri Lankan tour in October 2010.

Famous cricket player of West Indian cricket team: Jimmy Adams

Jimmy Adams is known to be a former West Indian player and captain. A consistent left-handed batsman while a contributive left-arm spin bowler as well as a competent fielder specifically for his gully position, Adams is also recognized for his occasional wicket-keeping services to the team during his career.

In the season of 1984-85, he was taken on board for the Jamaican team and thereby, had an encouraging start to his first-class playing career. However, he was only able to pave his way into the West Indian Test team in the season of 1991-92 wherein he made his debut in Barbados by playing against South Africa. Adams hit a score of 1,132 runs with a batting average nearing 87 in the opening 12 matches. He averaged 61.34 in the first half of his Test career with a 25.58 average in the second half: the gap is recognized as the most extensive in the history of Test cricket. Adams started endeavoring to enter the International level cricket during the mid 90s.

Owing to his endless struggle and performance, Adams won the honor of captaincy of the West Indian cricket team in 2000. Even though this control did not last for long, he went on with his playing career for some more years during which he captained the South African Provincial team Free State and appeared as a guest for Lashings World XI in England.

Adams was part of his cricket arena for a good 20 years and announced his retirement in 2004. He exited the playing arcade with a Test batting average of 41.26 bagging a highest score of 208 not out when he played against NZ in 1995. Today, he is often seen appearing as a cricket commentator for Sky Sports, UK.

Greatest cricket player of West Indies cricket team: Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop, a former West Indian cricket, is a face that represented the West Indian cricket team from 1989 to 1998. Ian Bishop of West Indies was a dynamic fast bowler whose expertise rested with the out swing style. Being a right-handed batsman and a right-arm fast bowler, Bishop acquired a record of 100 Test wickets with only 21 Test matches. He was never able to emerge as a strong cricketer player due to serious yet occasional injuries.

It was first in 1991 when he disappeared from the stage due to ruthless back injuries but once recovered strongly, he adjusted himself back to his bowling style and returned back to cricket in 1992 to exhibit his potency by playing against Perth. One year later, he again got struck with serious injuries and thereby had to withdraw again until the mid of 1995. Bishop played his last test in March 1998 against English cricket team after which he was not able to give a boost to his once-what-was-a promising career.

The England tests and the ODI series between the WI and Indian cricket team, Bishop appeared as a commentator for Cricket on Five reflecting on the highlights of the tournament. Today, he goes round the world as a cricket commentator.

Popular players of West Indian cricket team: Desmond Leo Haynes

Desmond Haynes is known as a former yet renowned cricketer and coach of the West Indian cricket team. It was in 1991 when he was bequeathed with the honor of Wisden Cricketer of the Year. At present, he is appointed as the Director of the Board of West Indies cricket team.

During the 1980s, Haynes was vastly identified for his threatening partnership with popular West Indian cricket player Greenidge in Test cricket wherein they together hit 16 century stands of which four exceeded a score of 200. In fact, together they made a total of 6,482 runs, the highest score for any batting partnership particularly in the history of Test cricket. Haynes always had a strong bent of interest towards batting, this being quite evident from the 7,487 runs he acquired in 116 Test matches averaging on 42.29. This was Haynes highest Test innings against England hitting 184 from 395 balls in 1984. He played for the 1979 World Cup in which West Indies emerged as the final victorious team. After this, he appeared in the following tournaments of 1983, 1987 and 1992. In a total of 25 matches he played for World Cup, Haynes recorded a score of 854 runs at 37.13 including one century and three 50s.

Post-retirement in 1997, Haynes was appointed as the Chairman of Selectors of the Barbados Cricket Association, Secretary of the West Indies Player Association, President of Carlton Cricket Club and is now the Director of West Indies Cricket Board.

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