Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Wasim Bari

Born on the 23rd of March, 1948 at Karachi, Sindh, Wasim Bari was a former Pakistani cricket player. He started his professional career from the year 1967 in which he played about 51 One Day Internationals and 81 test matches. The right handed batsman was an excellent wicket keeper. His career ended after 17 years in 1984 and at that time he was referred to be the most capped player in the test history of Pakistan cricket. According to the former England captain and a commentator, many people believe that Alan Knott was the finest wicket keeper in that era however; he believed that Wasim Bari was a better player than him.

Wasim Bari holds many records which includes having a total of 8 catches in a test match which was equal to the present world record of that time. Again in the year 1976/77, he reached the record books again when he stumped 4 batsmen in a test series against Australia. In the year 1979, Wasim Bari dropped out 7 of the first 8 batsman in a test match thereby, holding the record for most dismissals. The ending of his career marked 228 test match targets making him the most eligible wicket keeper of Pakistani team and having the most victims by a South Asian wicket keeper. His test debut was in England in which Colin Milburn was his first to dismiss player. His career best batting performance were 60 (not out) from the 11th position in which he managed to maintaining a partnership of 133 runs with Wasim Raja.

Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Mushtaq Mohammad

Born on the 22nd of November, 1943, Mushtaq Mohammad was a professional Pakistani cricket player who has played about 57 test matches and 10 One Day Internationals during his career from 1959 to 1979. Being a leg spinner as well as a right handed batsman, Mushtaq Mohammad was a successful all-rounder. He also led his team to play 19 test matches. Moreover, he also said to be the first as well as the only Pakistani cricketer to have five wickets and score a century in a single test game twice. They were five brothers from which four served the Pakistani cricket team. He was also appointed to coach the national team of the United States however, he returned back to the Pakistani Television for commentary.

When he was only 13, he started his first class career by scoring 87 runs and taking 5 wickets for 28 runs in his debut match. In the years 1967 and 1971, Mushtaq Mohammad played the county series at the time when the Pakistani team made its tour of England. The player was also made the captain of Northamptonshire in the year 1975 to 1977 as well as in 1976. During these years, he led the team to win the Gillette Cup which was the first trophy of the county series. He also placed his team in the second place in the County Championship which was the team’s best position. His test cricket career started in 1956 at the age of 15 years. He captained the team for 19 test matches. He also led Pakistan to win a tournament over India when the two countries played for the first time after 18 years.

Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Mudassar Nazar

Born on the 6th of April, 1956 at Lahore, Punjab, Mudassar Nazar was a Pakistani cricket player who mainly excelled in the test cricket as well as in league cricket. He played around 76 test matches and 122 ODI’s in which he made 4,114 runs and 2,653 runs respectively. His batting average in test and ODI’s was 38.09 and 25.26 respectively. After he sought retirement from professional cricket, he served many administrative positions in the same industry which is inclusive of two stints as a coach for his own team in the years 1993 and 2001 and many times for the Kenyan team.

The player debuted his test career against Australia in 1976 at Adelaide. He was the son to a very famous test cricketer Nazar Mohammad and because of which he followed the footsteps of his father and became the opening batsman for his team. The player has been a part of the Pakistani team for many leagues. He played his last test match in the year 1989 against New Zealand however; he continued his first class cricket career which ended in 1993. The player also holds the record of making the highest partnership in his test career by making 451 runs with Javed Miandad in 1982-83 against India. Moreover, he also has the record of making the slowest century. He was also considered to be an excellent bowler and was termed to be a shock bowler as he was excellent in breaking long partnerships or those players who played longer innings. In the year 1982 he was awarded with the title of ‘Golden Arm’ for his excellent bowling at Lords.

Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Mohsin Khan

Born on the 15th of March, 1955 at Karachi, Sindh, Mohsin Hassan Khan was a former Pakistani cricket player who appeared in about 75 ODI’s and 48 test matches during his professional career which expanded from the year 1977 to 1986. He was mainly teamed up to be the opening batsman of the Pakistani team. He got married to a Bollywood actress Reena Roy and also holds a short career in the Indian film industry. The couple got divorced after sometimes after which Mohsin Khan married again and is now residing in Karachi, Pakistan. His batting average in ODI’s and test matches is 26.81 and 37.10 respectively.

He played as the opening batsman for his team against team India in the year 1982-83 in which he managed to score 101 runs and remained not out in the second innings of Pakistan totaling to 135/1. This score is the lowest team score in the history of test cricket that includes a century as well. He was soon counted among those few players who managed to have terms with England and Australia during which he made two centuries in Australia in a row in the year 1983/84. He also became the first Pakistani player to make two centuries in a test match at Lords. He sought retirement from the cricket industry quite soon in order to pursue a career in the film industry. He became the Chief selector of the Pakistani cricket team in 2010. Mohsin Khan became the fourth chief selector in a period of 12 months during 2009/10.

Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Majid Khan

Majid Khan was born on the 28th of September, 1946 and was the former captain of the Pakistani cricket team. He was also considered to be the most fearless batsmen that the team ever had. His International first class career expanded over the years 1961 to 1985 in which he made over 27,000 runs, 73 centuries as well as 128 half centuries. His test career started in 1964 during which he scored 3,931 runs with 8 centuries. His last test match was against India in Lahore in the year 1983 and his last One Day International was played against England in 1982 at Manchester.

Majid Khan played his debut test in the year 1964/65 against England and also continued to play for Lahore in 1961/62. In a match, he made 147 runs in only 89 minutes giving 5 sixes in a single match to Roger Davis. In the year 1972, the team won the Walter Lawrence Trophy which was also recorded o be the fastest century of the season. He was also selected as the captain of the team during the Welsh County series held during 1973 to 1976. Famous Pakistani cricket players Imran Khan and Javed Burki are his cousins. The most memorable period of Majid Khan’s career was during their tour of West Indies in 1976/77. In the tour he scored 537 runs as against the most powerful bowlers of cricket history. His best performance was recorded in the second innings at Georgetown in which he made 167 runs and which saved Pakistan from defeat.  However, the team lost the series with 2-1.

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