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Cricket Captains: Captaincy Styles Comparison

by on October 19, 2013
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South African wicketkeeper AB de Villiers

Captain is certainly the champion man. He is the person who not only leads the entire team, but also is responsible for giving astounding performances. It is really hard to make a comparison among the best cricketers to determine who the king is. Well, we have strived to compare some of the famous captains of the world here.

Captaincy Styles Dhoni vs Misbah vs Cook vs Ab vs Clarke

We have chosen the five leading captains of cricket for our analysis. Let us discuss them one by one:


The name of M.S Dhoni needs no introduction to the lovers of the cricket. An Indian cricketer, famous for his calm and cool-tempered approach toward the game of cricket has proven his mettle as the best captain. Having roots in rustic atmosphere, Dhoni never let his background interfere with his cricket performances. He has been known to have managed his successes, ego and game of cricket quite well.


One of the leading Pakistani cricketers, Misbah-ul-Haq has reached a stage in his career where he has been looked up to by most of cricket analysts. The analysts though grouped in two different regimes, consider Misbah either as s potential help for the team or a threat. Anyways, we view him as the strong captain who can be rightly declared a savior for the team in times of need.


Alastair Cook, an English cricketer known to have a defensive approach toward cricket is rated as among the best captains. However, despite often mildly criticised for his defensive captaincy style, yet he is looked up to as a good leader.


AB de Villers, considered as one of the astounding cricketers of South African cricket team, has been uneven as a captain in his performances. Although famous for his wicket-keeping, AB is struggling to enhance his captaincy skills even more.


With a huge focus on enhancing his looks thus termed as among the ‘pup’ lot, Michael Clarke enjoys his strong position as the captain of Australian team. He is sometimes labelled as the most important person of the country after the president itself. With an emphasis to improve the general batting of Australian cricket team Clarke has tested his mettle.

To sum up, every captain has his own strengths that endear him to people. However, M.S Dhoni has been regarded as best among the entire lot considering official cricket rankings.

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