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Cricket Encounter between India and Pakistan

by on June 18, 2010
in India, Pakistan

Since 1947, the time of Indo-Pak partition, a political tension is going to be proceeded between India and Pakistan. It is said that there exists a cold war between the two neighboring countries but when there is held a cricket match between the two countries, an open virtual war can easily be seen and felt between these two.

India –Pakistan cricket rivalry not only proves a tense competition between the two teams but always turns in the center of attention for viewers and cricket lovers worldwide. Since the partition, there have been held a number of matches between the two teams and every time it was a tough one. It seemed that each is interested in defeating the other in spite of winning the trophy. The statistics of the matches held between India and Pakistan are as follows:

Test ODs Twenty20
Total Match Played 59 126 6
Matches Won By India 9 50 4
Matches Won By Pakistan 12 12 1
Matches Draw / Tie 38 4 1

The statistics of the highest scores achieved by both countries while playing against each other are as:

Year Winner H.S Inn
1989 Pakistan 669 5
2004 India 675 5

The statistics of the highest individual score in achieved by the outstanding cricketers of the teams are:

Player Highest Scores Year
Pakistan Javed Miandad 280 1983
India Virender Sehwag 309 2004

The excellent bowling figures and total wickets taken by both teams while playing against each other are:

Total Wickets Taken Player
Pakistan 94 Imran Khan
India 99 Kapil Dev

India has played a total of five matches against Pakistan on the field of Pakistan. Out of these five matches, two were won by India , one match went draw and two were won by Pakistan while playing in their homeland against India . A total of seven Asia Cup tournaments have been held between the two teams; five matches were won by India and two matches by Pakistan.

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