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Cricket in April/May 2011: Pakistan vs West Indies

Pakistan vs West Indies

The months of April and May 2011 provided cricket viewers with plenty of reasons to get stadium tickets in West Indies, and to keep themselves glued to their television screens in Pakistan and elsewhere. Pakistan’s tour of the West Indies was preceded with a very shaky start, with celebrated captain Shahid Afridi of Pakistani cricket team announcing his decision of withdrawal from the series based on a fallout with the Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) following the recently held World Cup in India; this decision was later reversed as Afridi was also integrated into the squad. This series picked considerable momentum and eventually provided fans dismayed over Pakistan’s cricket team loss to India in the World Cup semifinal with a focal reason to rejuvenate themselves and relinquish their pride.

Pakistan steered to a very lustrous and seemingly effortless victory as they beat West Indies cricket team by seven wickets, with Ahmed Shehzad emerging as the newly hailed idol. Pakistan maintained their winning streak in the next two ODIs, grabbing victories by seven and three wickets respectively.  However, their winning streak got tainted in the fourth ODI, when the Duckworth Lewis method awarded a very narrow victory to West Indies, the precedent for this decision being a mere one run.  The fifth ODI enabled West Indies cricket team to further consolidate their success, as they beat Pakistan by a significant margin of 10 wickets. Yet, these two victories did not offer much of a reason to celebrate to the host nation, as the series sealed 3-2 in the favour of Pakistan. Proceeding the ODI series, the Test series constituting a test match each at Providence and Bassetere emerged to be a tie, as West Indies achieved a narrow 40 run victory in the first one, and Pakistan cruised to a 196 victory in the second. All in all, this tour provided a considerable boost to the Pakistani cricket team following their intense and shocking dismissal from the World Cup and prior to their tour of Zimbabwe in September 2011.

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