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Cricket records: Longest Cricket Careers in Test and ODI Cricket and World Cups

by on February 3, 2011
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Leading run scorer Sachin Tendulkar of India

Cricket records: Longest Cricket Careers in Test Cricket

A test match is the longest form of cricket and the minimum length of test cricket is 5 days. To continue playing for 5 days, it takes a lot of energy and strength and it gets difficult for older players to continue playing test matches anymore. But it’s astonishing to find out that the person who has the longest cricket career in test cricket has played test matches for more than 30 years. He is W Rhodes from England. He played only 58 matches and he played his last match on 12 April, 1930. The next player who built a long career in test is also from England. DB Close played only 22 matches but has a career of 26 years. Let’s take a look at the list of players who have the longest careers in test to see who else made it on the list.

Longest Careers


From Span
W Rhodes 1-01-1899 30y 315d
DB Close 23-07-1949 26y 356d
FE Woolley 9-08-1909 25y 13d
GA Headley 11-01-1930 24y 10d
AJ Traicos 5-02-1970 23y 40d
JB Hobbs 1-01-1908 22y 233d
G Gunn 13-12-1907 22y 120d
SE Gregory 21-07-1890 22y 32d
FR Brown 29-07-1931 21y 336d
AW Nourse 11-10-1902 21y 313d

Cricket records: Longest Cricket Careers in ODI Cricket

Continuing a long career in cricket is not easy for players as it requires consistent performances. People don’t like to see players who don’t have the ability to deliver a good cricket game anymore. But little master SR Tendulkar has a long career of 21 years and 28 days and he has played 444 matches in his entire cricket career. He reached a century in his recent matches. He started playing cricket on Dec 18, 1989 and is still playing. Another longest career building player is Javed Miandad from Pakistan. He has played for more than 20 years and has played 233 matches. Building such a long career is really difficult as it’s not easy to deliver consistent performances. If you want to see who made this impossible thing possible and built a long career in ODI matches, you will find the list here.

Longest career in one day international cricket:


From Span
SR Tendulkar 18 Dec 1989 21y 28d
Javed Miandad 11 Jun 1975 20y 272d
ST Jayasuriya 26 Dec 1989 20y 1d
PA de Silva 31 Mar 1984 18y 352d
GA Gooch 26 Aug 1976 18y 137d
Wasim Akram 23 Nov 1984 18y 101d
GW Flower 25 Oct 1992 17y 357d
Imran Khan 31 Aug 1974 17y 207d
Saleem Malik 12 Jan 1982 17y 147d
A Ranatunga 14 Feb 1982 17y 105d

Cricket records: Longest Cricket Careers in Cricket World Cups 

Building a long career in the World Cups is a big achievement for any player. Players show their abilities to get a chance to play in the World Cup and delivering consistent performance is the only way to do so. GD McGrath is on the top of longest cricket careers in world cups list by delivering consistent performances. He started playing in World Cups in 1996 and he took part in the last 2007 World Cup. He played 39 matches in World Cups and got 71 wickets. The next person is also from Australia — RT Ponting. Both of them have played the same numbers of matches. RT Ponting has scored 1537 runs in World Cups. Players like SR Tendulkar and ST Jayasuriya also made it on the list. Let’s take a look at the list to see if your favorite player is on the list of longest cricket careers in World Cups.

Player Span Runs
GD McGrath 1996-2007 303
RT Ponting 1996-2007 1537
ST Jayasuriya 1992-2007 1165
Wasim Akram 1987-2003 426
SR Tendulkar 1992-2007 1796
PA de Silva 1987-2003 1064
Inzamam 1992-2007 717
BC Lara 1992-2007 1225
J Srinath 1992-2000 850
SP Fleming 1996-2007 1075


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