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Cricket records: Most Player of the Series Awards in Test and ODI Cricket

by on February 3, 2011
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Cricket records: Most Player of the Series Awards in Test Cricket

When Sachin Tendulkar made his debut in test cricket he was the third youngest player to ever enter the game. Since his debut, there have only been two players that were younger. He joined the most players of the series awards in test. His talent was amazing, and he only improved with age. He is the highest scorer ever in test cricket; he did this by beating Lara, the previous champions’ score, of 11,953 runs. He was proud to become the first Indian to gain over 11,000 runs and only the second Indian to gain over 10,000. He also holds the record for most runs scored in test cricket away from home. He is also the fourth highest scorer in a one-year period of all cricket players. To score so many runs so quickly and at such a young age is very impressive in the world of cricket. He did so quicker than everyone but one other in cricket’s history. Here is list of players who won the most player of the series awards in test cricket:

Player of the Match Country No. of Awards
SR Tendulkar India 8
GD McGrath Australia 6
L Klusener South Africa 5
GA Gooch England 5
IVA Richards West Indies 5
ST Jayasuriya Srilanka 5
DC Boon Australia 4
SK Warne Australia 4
SC Ganguly India 4
ME Waugh Australia 4

Cricket records: Most Player of the Series Awards in ODI Cricket

Many people are cricket players and some of them will reach the international cricket level but this is not enough for them. They have to struggle more because the struggle never ends. Some of these players are very fantastic because they give good performances but they are not at the top level. The players that are at the highest position are the players that are players of the series. There is an award in ODI for this kind player and it is called the Most Player Of The Series Awards In ODI. This award is very rare as it is given to only the most valuable players. There are some players that have won this award many times so they are thought to be the best players. Here is the list of the top ten players that have won this award.

Name of Player Country Wins
SR Tendulkar India 11
ST Jayasuriya Sri Lanka 9
SM Pollock South Africa 5
SC Ganguly India 5
Inzamam-ul-Haq Pakistan 5
GA Gooch England 4
NS Sidhu India 4
RJ Shasti India 4
CH Gayle West Indies 4
G Kirsten South Africa 4



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