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Cricket records: Most 5 Wickets in an ODI Match

by on February 3, 2011
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famous fast bowler of Pakistan Waqar Younis

It’s a dream for every bowler to achieve the record of most 5 wickets in an ODI match but it requires a lot of hard work and effort to get this achievement. The person who is on top of the list of this dream achievement is Waqar Younis from Pakistan. He got 5 wickets in 13 matches which is really outstanding. He played 262 matches overall. Two more players from Pakistan are covering the list. M Muralitharan is the second player who got 5 wickets in 10 matches. He played 334 matches. Bowlers like B Lee, Mcgrath, and Klusener are also on the list. Let’s take a look at the list to see if your favorite bowler made it on the list or not.

Most five-wickets in an innings


Span Wkts
Waqar Younis 1989-2003 416
M Muralitharan 1993-2009 512
B Lee 2000-2009 324
GD McGrath 1993-2007 381
L Klusener 1996-2004 192
Saqlain Mushtaq 1995-2003 288
Wasim Akram 1984-2003 502
RJ Hadlee 1973-1990 158
SM Pollock 1996-2008 393
SE Bond 2002-2009 138

It is clear from this table that most of the one day international bowlers who are among the top wicket takers in their career have made it to this table. In One Day International Cricket Muralitharan from Srilankan Cricket Team is most successful bowler over all, followed by Wasim Akram and Waqar younis from Pakistan and Chaminda Vaas from Srilanka.

In this list one can see the best bowlers of all time. Wasim Akram is easily among the best bowler ever who have played the game of Cricket. Waqar Younis had a deadly pace which is still difficult to find. Very few have shown pace comparable to Brett Lee. Perfection of Glenn McGrath cannot be challenged. Overall, this list is full of highly talented bowlers who are also leading wicket takers in the history of cricket. Muralitharan for example lead the the chart with maximum international wickets. No wonder these bowlers took most 5 wickets in ODI matches.

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