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Cricket records: Most Wickets Taken LBW in T20 and Test Cricket

by on February 4, 2011
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In t20 matches, a lot of excitement and action awaits cricket lovers. People love to see t20 matches and it’s getting more popular than ODIs or test matches. The excitement gets bigger when you get to see a lot of lbw in t20 matches. In the list of most wickets taken lbw in t20, Shahid Afridi is holding the first position. He has 9 lbw wickets and he played his last t20 match in 2010. Another player from Pakistan, Umar Gul, is holding the 6th position on the list by taking 4 lbw wickets in t20 matches. It’s a very interesting list to watch as it includes bowlers like B Lee, Vettori, and Mendis. It’s very hard to get lbw wickets in t20 matches but these bowlers on the list made it possible and got a place on this list.

Most wickets taken lbw in 20-20 cricket

Player Span LBW
Afridi 2006-2010 9
Mendis 2008-2010 7
DL Vettori 2007-2010 5
Dhaniram 2008-2010 4
B Lee 2005-2011 4
Umar Gul 2007-2010 4
P Connell 2008-2010 3
NO Miller 2009-2010 3

LBW or Leg Before Wicket can be easily considered as bowler’s effort to get the batsman out of his comfort zone so that the batsman is trapped without his/her guard. As the record shows, Shahid Afridi of Pakistan Cricket Team is an expert on that.

Cricket records: Most Wickets Taken LBW in Test Cricket

As a cricket fan, you might know the list of most wickets taken in test matches. But not many people know about the most wickets taken lbw in test matches list. Knowing these lists helps you to know more about your favorite player and their records. A Kumble from Indian Cricket Team is at the first position on this list by taking 156 LBW wickets. He played 132 matches and got total 619 wickets. N Kapil Dev from India is holding the 6th place on this list. Other bowlers like Muralitharan, SK Warne, and Wasim Akram are also on this list. It’s a dream of bowlers to get a place on these big lists with these famous players. If you are also interested in seeing who else made it on the list, let’s take a look at the list here.

Most wickets taken lbw in test cricket

Player Wkts LBW
A Kumble 619 156
M Muralitharan 800 150
SK Warne 708 138
Wasim Akram 414 119
GD McGrath 563 113
N Kapil Dev 434 111
Waqar Younis 373 110
WPUJC Vaas 355 100
SM Pollock 421 90
Sir RJ Hadlee 431 83

As the list shows, most of these bowlers are among the best ever in trade. These bowlers have bowled well for so long in their careers and have trapped many batsmen in Leg Before Wicket or LBW out.

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