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Cricket Team Records: Australia vs India (Test-ODI-T20)

by on July 19, 2011
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Australia vs India

Cricket  Team Records: Australia vs India (Test Match Records)

Australian cricket team got their test status in 1877 and made their debut against the English cricket squad, where as the Indian cricket team got their test status in 1932 and made their debut in the 6th month of the same year. The two teams met on the test match battle field in 1947.

  • The Australian cricket players are nick named as the Aussies where as the Indian cricket team is called as the Men in Blue.
  • L Amarnath captained the first match against Australia for the Men in blue and DG Bradman was the Aussies captain.
  • The two teams encountered for the first time in Brisbane in 1947.(Umpires: AN Barlow and GE Boriwck)
  • For the Indian cricket team famous Indian cricket players Anil Kumble, N Kapil dev, BS Bedi, SR Tendulkar, VR Sehwag, Ajit Ajarkar, J Srinath and Zaheer Khan have been the key performants.
  • And for the Aussies GD Mcgrath, MG Johnson, Ricky Ponting, MJ Clarke, Waugh brothers, ML Hayden, AR Border and RN Harvery have been the top players against the Indian team.
  • The two teams met each other 78 times on the test battle field, Aussies won 43.58% of the matches and the Indians won 25.64% of them. 23 matches resulted in a draw.  (Australia:34, India:20)
  • Sachin Tendulkar is top scorer with the highest runs in aggregate i.e. 3151 runs. Highest runs in an innings by the Indian side have been 705/7(declared) where as the highest runs from the Australian cricket team were 674. VVS Laxman is the top scorer with 281 runs in one innings. Second to him is Ricky Ponting with 257 runs.
  • Anil Kumble of India is the leading wicket taker in aggregate (111wickets) against the Aussies. Followed by Harbhajan singh, both of them happen to be spinners. Most wickets in one innings record is held by JM Patel of the Indian side and is the only one with that record up to date.
  • Harbhajan singh yet again has the highest number of wickets in 2 innings (15).
  • Facts reveal that the Australian bowling attack has not been able to show much consistency in their wicket taking strategies.
  • Best wicket keeper among the two sides has been AC Gilchrist who has been the reason for 75 dismissals. Followed by SMH Kirmani who caused 41 dismissals.
  • The last match up till now was played in October 2010 (9-13th) and was the second match of the series.

 Cricket  Team Records: Australia vs India (ODI-One Day International Matches Records)

The Australian and the Indian cricket team for the first time come across each other in the ODI in the year 1980 in the Benson and Hedges World Series Cup which took place in Australia.

  • Popular Australian cricket player Gregory Chappell was the captain of the Australian cricket team where as the Men in Blue i.e. the Indian cricket team was being captained by Sunil Gavaskar during the first ODI played between he two teams.
  • MG O’ Connell and RV White head were the two umpires in the first ODI Match played between the Aussies and the Men in Blue.
  • On the fields of Melbourne, Australian cricket team stepped into their first ODI against the Indian cricket team and won the match.
  • RT Ponting, ML Hayden, AC Gilchrist and DC Boon from the Australian cricket team have been seen to perform really well against the Indian players.  SR Waugh and B Lee have also been bowling stunningly taking the maximum number of wickets in the ODI matches against the Indian cricket team.
  • From the Indian cricket squad, SR Tedulkar and Muhammad Azhrudin have been the key batsmen playing marvelously against the Aussies in the ODIs. On the bowling side, Kapil Dev and AB Agarkar have been performing really well taking the maximum number of wickets in the ODIs played against the Australian players.
  • A total of 105 ODI matches have been played between these two cricket teams. Out of 105, the Aussies have won 61 matches while in the rest of the 36 ODIs, the Indian players were the victorious ones.
  • The highest ODI team score has been scored by Australia against the Indian cricket team on the grounds of Johannesburg in year 2003. 359 runs on the cost of only 2 wickets in 50 overs.
  • However, the highest ODI individual score has been made by the Indian batsman, Sachin Tedulkar (175) against the Australian team members on the fields of Hyderabad in November 2009.
  • The best ODI bowling figures in the ODIs between Australian and England cricket team is of M Kartick, one of the Indian players. He took six wickets against the Aussies in the ODI Played in 2007.
  • Most number of wickets has been taken by an Australian player, Bret Lee. (51) in the ODIs against the Men in Blue.
  • Coming towards the wicket keeping records, AC Gilchrist has the most number of dismissals record against the Indian cricket team.
  • The last ODI up till today played between the two teams was on March 24th 2011 at Ahmedabad where India defeated the Australian cricket team by five wickets.

Cricket  Team Records: Australia vs India (T20-Twenty Twenty Matches Records)

The Indian cricket team encountered the Aussies for the first time in the T20 world cup on the grounds of Kingsmead in Durban. It was the 2nd semi final match of the ICC T20 world cup 2007 which occurred on the 22nd of September.

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