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Cricket Team Records: Pakistan vs Australia (Test-ODI-T20)

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Pakistan vs Australia

Cricket Team Records: Pakistan vs Australia (Test Match Records)

Australian cricket team played their first test match in the 77th year of the 18th century and was against the English squad. Pakistan cricket team however began its test cricketing career really late and made its debut in October 1952. The two teams played their first match in 1956 and Australia won the series by 1-0.

  • The Australian cricket team is famously known as the “Aussies” which is primarily derived from their nationality.
  • The Pakistani cricket team is known as the “Unpredictables” which is evident enough from their varying performances.
  • AH.Kardar,  a popular cricket player of Pakistan cricket team captained the first test match for the Pakistani cricket team and on the other hand IWG Johnson captained for the Aussies.
  • The first encounter between the two teams was in Karachi at the Asghar Ali Shah stadium.(Umpires : Daud Khan and Idrees Baig).
  • From the Pakistani cricket squad Zaheer Abbas, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Majid Khan, Inzamam ul Haq, Ijaz Ahmed have been the most eminent players in context of match winning bowling and batting performances where as from the Australian 11, SK Warne, The Waugh brothers, Alan Border and MJ Slater have been the key performers.
  • In all the two teams have played 57 test matches.
  • Of which 28 have been won by the Australian cricket team and only 12 were won by the Unpredictables.
  • The victories can be summarized as Australian cricket team: 49.12% and Pakistan cricket team: 21.05%, apart from the draws.
  • Highest test score by Pakistan cricket team in an innings was 624 runs where as the highest total from the Aussies were 617.
  • MA Taylor was the top scorer who played a comprehensive innings of 334 runs not out and from the Pakistani side Saleem Malik scored 237 runs. However in aggregate Javed Miandad was the high scorer with 1700+ runs.
  • Sarfaraz Nawaz has the highest number of wickets in an innings i.e. 9. Whereas the highest number of wickets are taken BY SK Warne 90 in aggregate.
  • Best keeper of the two sides has been RW Marsh who resulted in 68 dismissals.
  • Sarfaraz Nawaz’s 9 wickets were a record since no one had taken 9 wickets in an innings; however the record was broken by the Indian Spinner Anil Kumble who took 10 wickets against the Pakistani cricket team.
  • The last test match played between the two sides was in 2010 (July 21-24) at Leeds.
Cricket Team Records: Pakistan vs Australia (ODI-One Day International Matches Records)

In june of 1975, Australian cricket team for the first time encountered Pakistani cricket team on the grounds of Headingley. It was a 60-over match.

  • WE Alley and TW Spencer were the umpires of the first ever ODI played between the Australian players and the Pakistani players.
  • On the fields of Headingley, Leeds, the first ODI happened between these two cricket teams.
  • The Pakistani cricket team, also famously known as the “Unpredictable” was being captained by Asif Iqbal in the First ODI against the Aussies where as IM Chappell was captaining the Australian cricket team at that time.
  • Famous Pakistani cricket players like Wasim Akram, Shahid Afridi, Javed Miandad, Inzamam –ul- Haq and Mohammad Yousaf are seen to be the eminent players in the ODIs encountered with the Australian cricket team. Where as from the Aussies, RT Pontng, SR Waugh, DM Jones, GD McGarth and B Lee as always have been performing spectacularly against the Pakistani players in the ODIs.
  • Up till today, 86 ODIs have been played between these two cricket teams out of which one was a tie. 52 ODIs have been won by Australia and 32 by the Unpredictable’s.
  • Australia won the first ODI Played against the Pakistani cricket team by a margin of 73 runs in the year 1975.
  • The highest ODI total record has been made by the Australian players against the Pakistani cricket team which was a score of 337 in at the cost of 7 wickets. This ODI was in year 2000 played on the grounds of Sydney.
  • The individual highest score in the ODIs between the Australian cricket team and Pakistani cricket team has been made by an Aussie player, ML Hayden. He scored 146 on 30th August 2002 on the fields of Nairobai.
  • Wasim Akram, the famous Pakistani cricket player has the record of holding most number of wickets against the Aussies in the ODIs where as Shahid Afridi who’s also a Pakistani player, has the best bowling figures against the Australian cricket team.
  • Coming towards the wicket keeping records, AC Gilchrist has the most number of dismissals (44) record against the Pakistani cricket team.
  • Up to date, the last ODI played between these two cricket teams was at Colombo on 19th March 2011 in which Pakistani players were the winners.
Cricket Team Records: Pakistan vs Australia (T20-Twenty Twenty Matches Records)

Australia and Pakistan both started off with the icc world t20 cup in the year 2007, the year in which the icc world twenty20 was inaugurated. The two teams met for the first time in the first icc twenty20 cup in the 18th match of the tournament.


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