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Cricket World cup records: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka cricket team

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

  • The only team who has never won a single game against the Pakistan cricket team in the ICC world cup is the Sri Lankan cricket team.
  • They have encountered each other 5 times and not even once have been the Sri Lankan team able to beat the Pakistani cricket team.
  • Maximum runs that the Pakistani cricket team has ever scored in the ICC cricket world cup were against the Sri Lankans (333 in 50 overs).
  • The reason behind the successful performance of Pakistan cricket team against Sri Lankan cricket team has mainly been bowling and batting attack of Pakistani cricket players like Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Sarfraz Nawaz, Imran Khan, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Zaheer Abbas.
  • Sri Lankan cricket team managed to give a tough time to the Pakistani cricket team in the first match of the 1987 ICC world cup. And apart from this they have never been able to perform well against the Pakistani team.

In 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, Pakistan cricket team faced Sri Lankan cricket team again in a group match where Pakistani cricket team played tremendously and defeated the Sri Lankan cricket team after a thrilling match. Pakistan cricket team scored 277 runs against which Sri Lanka lost with a difference of 11 runs. From Pakistani cricket side, Misbah played a brilliant innings in bating while Shahid Afridi, the captain of Pakistan cricket team, took 5 wickets in 8 overs by giving out 16 runs and 3 maiden overs. Shoaib Akhtar bowled an impressive, short but deadly quick spell which paved the way for Pakistan cricket team to win this match.

Pakistan and Srilanka both cricket teams are considered as tough opponents in cricket. Pakistan vs. Srilanka matches are always a treat to watch. In 2011 cricket world cup, Pakistan vs. Srilanka was one of the best matches of the tournament. Both teams were balanced and displayed the ability of over powering the other team.


3 Responses to “Cricket World cup records: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka cricket team”
  1. kapil says:

    hahaha but pakistan are out of the world cup srilanka and india are in the final. pakistan were lucky to beat srilanka as it was one of their typical inconsistent performances. the srilankans were smart they allowed that defeat to motivate them and they are now in the final pakistan got too bigheaded and therefore lost. if malinga played srilanka would have beaten pakistan

  2. jake says:

    well done srilankans even though iam an australian i must say i prefer srilanka over india and pakistan

  3. kalana says:

    actually overall in this worldcup srilanka and india were the deserving teams and therefore they are in the finals. pakistan were lucky in some games including the srilanka game. its better that india have come into the final because i believe it will be a good match. if pakistan came into the final they would have been thrashed by srilanka and it would have been one sided.considering the way pakistan is playing and the form of the srilankans

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