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Famous Cricket Player from South Africa: Brian McMillan

by on November 20, 2012
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Famous Cricket Player from South Africa: Brian McMillan

Brian McMillan is a former player of the South African cricket team. He is quite a popular figure in the arena of cricket who was ranked amongst the most distinguished all rounder players overall particularly during the mid 90s. McMillan represented the South African cricket team in a total of 78 ODIs and 38 Test matches during 1991-98. In his continuum of multiple, notable achievements stand the honorable awards like the Annual Cricketer of the Year. This award was bestowed on him by the South African Cricket in 1991, followed by 1996. McMillan, a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium-paced bower, was also a torchbearer when it came to slip fielding and got hold of the maximum number of catches taken in every Test in the history of Test cricket of South Africa. In 1992, he performed his Test debut by playing against India. Through the late 80s and until late 90s, he also participated in domestic cricket till he retired in the season of 1999-00. McMillan also played a pertinent role in his team after the South African cricket team was re-admitted into the realm of World Cricket back in 1991. Brian Mervin McMillan who presently is leading an automation company office located in Cape Town has also served as a teacher at a University in Durban.

McMillan scored 13 fifties and 3 centuries in his 38 test matches. His total runs for test cricket are 1968. He averaged at 39.36 and his highest test score was 113 runs. In one day international games, Brian McMillan, he scored 841 runs in 78 matches at an average of 23.36 including one century only. It is clear from his stats that he was much better a performer in test cricket and led the team to various victories. South Africa cricket has been pretty lucky with their batting line up as many performers like McMillan have played their role whenever needed.

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