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Famous cricket player of English cricket team: Tony Greig

by on November 8, 2012
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Greatest Australian cricket player Tony Greig

Tony Greig, a former test player of the English cricket team and presently a commentator, is commonly recognized as a daring cricketer who at times emerged to be a controversial figure as well during his playing career. He was an all-rounder batting player and has a strong grasp over bowling off spinning and medium pace.

It was in 1974 when the English team countered three tests each against India and Pakistan wherein Greig acquired an average batting score of 41.5 and victoriously managed 14 wickets. He also hit a century in the series which was a highlight for his profile. He won an admirable amount of praise from the crowd when the English team faced strong opposition from the Australian team with its fast bowling attacks. Greig here proved to be a strong hand for his team acquiring a single hand score of 110 in the first match. In the second innings, he gave 96 runs, 41 score and three wickets.

Greig was profoundly recognized as a sportsman who was always very keen at take benefit of the commercial arena. This was why he signed himself for multiple commercials and endorsements. During Greig’s captaincy period in 1976-77, he performed his best against India in a five test series by winning the three tests by impressive margins; whilst the match against India in Calcutta, despite a stomach bug, Greig still managed to score a 103 which is still remembered as the most applauded moment of his playing career. In total, he made 342 runs and 10 wickets which strengthened this cricket player’s profile further after the famous West Indies controversy.

Today, he is a commentator and is at times criticized for his subjective and out-of-context comments.

Tony Grieg had a rather sad end to his life as he fell a victim to cancer that took his life in December 2012, leaving cricket world gloomier.

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