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Famous cricket players of Pakistan: Imran Khan

by on February 21, 2011
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For Pakistan, if there was any cricket player who has achieved immense success and earned respect, it has to be Imran Khan. Under his captaincy, Pakistan was able to win its only World Cup in 1992. He was considered to be the best all rounder for Pakistan cricket team. He was sole responsible to build the Pakistani team of 90s by including Javed Miandad and the new talents of Inzamam ul Haq and Wasim Akram. Some of the highlights of Imran Khan’s player profile are given below:

  • Imran Khan of Pakistan cricket team started off his career in 1971 in the 5 day game format. His first encounter in a one day international match was against England in 1974.
  • He was one the most reliable player the Pakistani squad had then. He played 175 matches and scored an aggregate of 3709 runs with a batting average of 33.41.
  • He could only score one century in his entire career but made 19 fifties, 102 not out being his highest total.
  • Imran Khan was a perfect example of a captain. He was terrific both with the bat and ball and always was the key element for the victory of his side. (182 wickets with one five wicket haul)
  • Imran Khan played 5 ICC world cups and captained his team in 3 of them, 1992 cricket world cup being the most famous one where he brought the trophy home for his country.
  • His leading skills have no parallel and has always shown tremendous amount of quality cricket.
  • Imran Khan currently is one of the leading and most influential politicians of the country and also happens to be a commentator.
  • His career has been outstanding and is the best all rounder Pakistani team has had up till now. Still he is believed to be one of the best cricketers coming from Pakistan. Imran Khan is counted among the top all rounders of the world
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  1. Amil says:

    Imran Khan is a rare cricket talent having a good cricket brain, and good cricket mind.
    He was one of the best fast bowler and a successful captain.He is the all time best allrounder,and the finest cricketer that Pakistan had ever produced.He is the winning captain of 1992 world cup.

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