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Famous fast bowler of West Indian cricket team: Andy Roberts

by on November 10, 2012
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Andy Roberts: Cricketer of West Indies team

Andy Roberts is known as a renowned fast bowler of the former West Indian cricket team. He was a superb fast-pace bowler who won seven wickets twice in an innings of a Test match. Roberts also played first-class cricket for Leicestershire County Cricket Clun and for Hampshire County Cricket Club as well.

Roberts played a strong and influential role as a fast bowler of the West Indian time from the mid 70s to the early 80s. He had an aggressive demeanor when performing for Test and ODIs, a style which was quite devastating for any batsman on the opposition side. When the West Indian team won the first two of the Prudential World Cup in 1975 and 1979 in England, Roberts was a part of the team and contributed to its victory. The use of two distinguished bouncers is still recognized as Roberts identify, one was initially delivered at a slower pace which would give the batsman a false façade of security but the following delivery was at such a fast pace that it came as a surprise for the batsman and majority of them were dismissed. Any Roberts took 202 wickets in the test cricket at an economy rate of 2.78 and 87 wickets in the ODI cricket at an economy rate of 3.40.

When it comes to bowling devastation, West Indian bowlers are best for defining this feat. Andy among many other threatening bowlers of West Indies have ruled the cricket world freaking out almost all settled and experienced batsmen. 

Roberts’ contribution to his team didn’t halt with his retirement. He had been working as an administrator and monitors the preparation of the pitches. Being the first Antiguan to have played Test cricket for the West Indian team, Roberts induction into the US Cricket Hall of Fame took place in October 2005 that made him the 2nd Antiguan to be recognized with such honor.  

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