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Famous Pakistani Cricket Player Hanif Mohammad

by on November 21, 2012
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Famous Pakistani Cricket Player Hanif Mohammad

Born on the 21st of December, 1934, Hanif Mohammad is a former professional Pakistani cricket player. He played about 55 test matches for his team between the years 1952 – 1953 and 1969 – 1970. His average batting score was around 43.98 which are inclusive of his twelve remarkable centuries. Moreover, he holds a bowling average of 95.00 and his top score is 337 runs. When it comes to a batsman who had the ability to not only win matches for Pakistan but also build long innings with continuous ball blocking, Hanif Mohammad cannot be dismissed. He was known to be the most irritating batsman for the bowlers because they didn’t know how to get rid of him. He was the king of innings building and really knew how to stay on the pitch for several days in test matches.

The highest test centuries of Hanif Mohammad was against West Indies at a 6 day test held t Bridgetown in the year 1957/58 in which he made 337 runs. He remained on the crease for about 16 hours thereby, marking the longest innings for 40 years in the history of test cricket. Moreover, the player is also the only one who made three centuries in the second innings of a team. This match also led him to earn a nickname of “Little Master”. In the year 1958/59, Hanif Mohammad managed to overcome the record of Don Bradman to have the highest individual first class innings. In the match, Hanif made 499 runs and was attempted to get run out when he was about to complete his 500th run. The record stood for about 35 years after which it was broken by Brian Lara. The player ended his professional career on 1975/76. Hanif was also named to be the Wisden Cricketer of the Year in the year 1968. He was also inducted in the inaugural batch of ICC’s Hall of Fame along with Imran Khan, Jawed Miandad along with 52 other inductees.

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