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Famous right arm fast bowler of West Indies cricket team: Curtly Elconn Lynwall Ambrose

by on November 10, 2012
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Dangerous and greatest west indian bowler Curtly Ambrose

Ambrose, a former cricketer of the West Indian team, was a right-arm fast-pace bowler who made a prolific performance in his alliance with Courtney Walsh which is quite evident from the 421 wickets they bagged in 49 Test matches. This giant cricketer was an overwhelming presence on the field owing to his rapid bowling speed and of course, his 6ft 7in was a terrifying scaffold for any batsman.

Vivian Richards scholarship served as a basis for Curtly Elconn Lynwall Ambrose to arrive in England in 1986 and then played in the Liverpool and District Cricket tournament wherein he bagged 84 wickets within 362.1 overs and at an average of 9.80. In April 1998, Ambrose made his first Test appearance against Pakistan and in August 2000, announced his retirement when the tour of England came to its end. During his career in Test cricket, this giant of a player acquired 98 caps, bagged 405 wickets at an average of 20.99 and bowled a total of 1,001 maiden overs.

Ambrose made his best every performance by winning 8 for 45 against England in 1990. Not just this, he also won five wickets or more in 22 innings that including 7 wickets against only one run against Australia in 1993! He played in 176 ODIs in which he won 225 wickets in total.

Post retirement, Ambrose at present plays guitar in a band known as Big Bad Dread and the Baldhead. He has had the honour of being ranked at no.3 in Shane Warne’s list of 50 greatest players of his time. His aggressive yet hurricane-like appearance and style is still reminisced as Ian Botham called him ‘a cricketer who thrived on aggression and menace’ on Botham’s Century. 

Ambrose lives in the hearts of cricket fans. The generation that has witnessed Ambrose bowl with such great height can never really forget his talent. It was an absolute delight to see Ambrose’s composed face and sharp bowling. We will always remember you for your talent.

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