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Greatest fast bowler of West Indies: Malcolm Denzil Marshall

by on November 10, 2012
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Malcolm Marshall was one of the finest fast bowlers that the West Indies cricket team had in his history of Test cricket. Who doesn’t love Marshall, instead more appropriate would be to say who doesn’t know Marshall. No wonder his average of Test bowling is 20.94 which is assuredly the best for anyone having taken at least 200 or more wickets. Not just this, Marshall was recognized as a batsman of the lower-order who was not easy to dismiss, this being proved with his 10 Test fifties and first-class seven centuries.
Marshall passed away in 1999 due to cancer but is still remembered as the greatest fast bowler of the time. He first made his International debut by winning 37 wickets in all the first-class innings, an accomplishment that won him his share in the following World Cup team. The first light of prominence fell on Marshall in 1980 when he performed a strikingly competitive match in the third Test at Old Trafford. A superb season of 1982 called upon Marshall in his best form and he proved it by winning 134 wickets under 16 each and also gave his career best hit of 8-71 playing against Worcestershire.
In 1984, Marshall had emerged as the most optimum bowlers existing in the world and held his best performances for England. Through the 2nd innings, he finished with 7-53 even though he had a broken thumb that time, he single handedly batted through the game to contribute to his team’s winning profoundly. His Best Test performance in Test innings was seen in 1988 at Old Trafford with 7-22 while he sealed the series with a total of 35 wickets at 12.65. He claimed 376 wickets at an economy rate of 2.68 in the test cricket. 
This gem passed away at the age of 41 due to cancer while the entire world of cricket grieved over his tragic early demise. A tragedy that has left a vacuum!

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