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History of Test Cricket: Australia vs. England: The Ashes

by on July 29, 2018
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Test Cricket series between Australian and English Cricket teams are also known as the Ashes. The rivalry between Australia and England is one of the most celebrated rivalries in the history of cricket. Australia, however, has an edge over England in the Ashes. Australia won 133 out of the 328 Ashes, and England only 106. Five Ashes, nonetheless, resulted in a draw.


The word ‘Ashes’ have its origin from the solitary Test match that took place between the two countries in 1882 at The Oval. The English team lost the match. ‘The Sporting Times’ declared the death of cricket for the English cricket team by posting a mock obituary that stated that ‘‘The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.’’ Afterwards, the captain of English cricket team, Ivo Bligh, embraced the term ‘Ashes’ and gave his word to bring the ‘Ashes’ back home. The English team kept his word. They consecutively won the next 8 Ashes.


After the consecutive victories of the English team, the Australian team made a come back and for the first the after 1882, won the series from 2-1 in 1891-92.


Australia remained unbeaten in 1920-21.


The Australian team visited UK in 1948 and won the test series. The Cricket freaks found out that the title of The Invincibles were given to them due to this series.


England won by 5-1, that is the greatest winning margin achieved by any English team against Australia.


The test match series held in 2006-2007 between the two countries was won by the Australians.


The Aussies proved it again in 2013-2014 that they were the better side as compared to England.

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