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International Cricket Council

Cricket is an outdoor sport which is played between two teams at any point of time. The teams consist of 11 players each with a squad of 15 players each. The entire team is selected of 15 players so that there are replacements that can be brought in to play in case of any injury. The players consist of their own team captain, multiple numbers of batsmen and bowlers and a wicket-keeper. One can know how to play cricket by watching the game for a couple of times because the game in itself is very simple. First, the team is chosen which will take the field. It has to include the right combination of batsmen, bowlers and a wicket-keeper so that they have the ability in them to win the match. Next step is to decide on an umpire who will preside over the cricket match. The next important thing is to decide on the format of the game which is to be played. There are as many as four formats which include the test format, ODI format, T20 format and finally the friendly cricket matches in which there are no fixed number over but the match goes on till all the batsmen are dismissed.

The ICC is the governing body of the international cricket platform all over the world. It came into existence in the year 1909 when it was founded as the Imperial Cricket Council by members of the countries of England, Australia and South Africa. It changed its name to International Cricket Conference in 1965 before changing to its current name in 1989. Basically, the ICC is composed of 104 members who have been related intricately to the game of cricket at some point or the other in their lives. There are 10 players who have played test matches, 34 associate members and 60 other affiliate members.

The major tournaments in the cricketing world are managed by the ICC, most notably the ICC cricket World Cup which is played every four years. Apart from organising matches, the ICC is also responsible for appointing the umpires and referees for the various matches that are played at all times. Every match, which includes all test matches, ODIs and T20s are organized by the ICC and they appoint the umpires who are meant to handle or manage the match. Finally, the ICC tries to maintain the high standard of moral conduct in the game of cricket by promulgating the ICC Code of Conduct.

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