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Most Stumps in a Test Match, Test Innings, ODI and T20 Cricket Match

by on January 16, 2011
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Kamran Akmal

Most Stumps in a Test Match

The history of first ever stumping dates back in 19th Century so do the history of most stumps in a test match. None of the wicketkeepers have managed to stump out four batsmen however more than one stumpings has a reasonable list to watch. The first ever stumping was done by Aussies wicketkeeper AH Jarvis who stumped out three English Batsmen at Sydney in February 1895. Whereas, the latest stumping figures in a test match are registered by Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal who stumped out three Australian batsmen at Sydney Cricket Ground in January 2005. Following is the list of top wicketkeepers who managed to record three stump outs in the history of a test match.


Country Dismissals Stumpings Opposition Ground Match Date
AH Jarvis Australia 3 3 England Sydney February 1, 1895
RA Saggers Australia 4 3 South Africa Cape Town December 31, 1949
PB Dassanayake Sri Lanka 4 3 South Africa Colombo September 6, 1993
Kamran Akmal Pakistan 3 3 Australia Sydney January 2, 2005

Most Stumps in a Test Inning 

The most stumping in an inning of a test match is done by Australian wicketkeeper William Albert Oilfield, famous as Bert Oilfield, who managed to stump four batsmen in an inning, while playing against England at Melbourne Cricket Ground on February 13, 1925. During the same inning he took a catch behind the stump thus he was the most successful wicketkeeper in an inning to send five batsmen to the pavilion.

Kiran More of India is the only wicketkeeper, who stumped five batsmen in a test match however; he managed to do it in four innings in a row. He marked this record in 1988 at his home soil in Chennai, playing against West Indies.

Here is a list of some top wicketkeepers in cricket, who managed to stump out 4 or more batsmen in an inning.

Wicketkeeper Country Dismissals Stumping Innings Match Played on
W. Albert Oldfield Australia 5 4 1 February 13, 1925
PK Sen India 4 4 1 February 6, 1952
PW Sherwell South Africa 3 3 1 March 3, 1911
TA Ward South Africa 3 3 1 November 12, 1921

Most Stumps in an ODI Cricket Match

Quite a number of wicketkeepers have managed to stump-out three batsmen in an inning of One Day Internationals, but none of them have gone beyond the three figure. The foremost amongst all was Pakistan’s most outstanding Wicketkeeper Saleem Yousuf who stumped three batsmen in three innings playing against New Zealand at Lahore in November 1990. The latest three stumping mark is recorded by India’s most promising wicketkeeper and skipper MS Dhoni, who did this in two consecutive innings playing  against Hong Kong at Karachi in June 2008. Following is the list top of wicketkeepers in cricket who stumped out three batsmen in a single inning.

Player Country Dismissals Stumping Innings Against Venue Match Date
IA Healy Australia 4 3 1 South Africa East London April 2, 1994
RS Kaluwitharana Sri Lanka 3 3 1 Australia Galle August 22, 1999
RS Kaluwitharana Sri Lanka 3 3 1 Pakistan Sharjah October 18, 1999
Moin Khan Pakistan 3 3 1 England Lahore October 27, 2000
DO Obuya Kenya 4 3 1 South Africa Colombo September 20, 2002
KC Sangakkara Asia XI 5 3 1 ICC World XI Melbourne January 10, 2005

Most Stumps in a T20 Cricket Match

Looking at the T20 cricket records, the highest stumping record in a T20 inning goes to Kamran Akmal of Pakistan. His gloves sent three Kenyan batsmen back to pavilion at Nairobi in 2007. Not only that he holds the record of most stumps in T20 cricket as he stumped four batsmen in two consecutive innings at Lords in 2009 while playing against Netherlands. Following is the list of illustrious wicketkeepers who have stumped out one or more batsmen in a T20 inning to date.

Wicketkeeper Country Dismissals Stumpings Versus Ground Match Date
Kamran Akmal Pakistan 3 3 Kenya Nairobi 4-Sep-2007
Mushfiqur Rahim Bangladesh 3 2 West Indies Johannesburg 13-Sep-2007
NJ O’Brien Ireland 4 1 Sri Lanka Lord’s 14-Jun-2009
Kamran Akmal Pakistan 3 1 Zimbabwe King City 12-Oct-2008
D Ramdin West Indies 3 1 Australia Hobart 21-Feb-2010
ADS Fletcher West Indies 3 1 South Africa North Sound 19-May-2010
KC Sangakkara Sri Lanka 3 1 Australia Perth 31-Oct-2010
Umar Akmal Pakistan 3 1 New Zealand Hamilton 28-Dec-2010


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