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Muhammad Amir: Of fame and Defame

by on February 8, 2012
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Muhammad Amir Pakistani Cricketer, Spot fixing

Muhammad Amir: Rising from a small village in Punjab, Pakistan, no one knew the world of Cricket would see an exceptionally talented left arm fast bowler, Muhammad Amir, who was edged on a better position than Wasim Akram once he of his age. Since his debut in 2009, Muhammad Amir was giving an exceptional input for Pakistan and he was supposed to be the ICC emerging player of the Year 2010. But, who knows that everything will take a U-turn on account of his involvement in spot fixing case, which has brought a real bad name to Pakistan. He was imprisoned in an Islamic Center in London for six months and recently released. Currently Amir is banned for playing any format and for of Cricket for five years.

Now what’s the future of Amir in international Cricket? Will he come back with the same zeal and fervor? Will the world of cricket forgive him once he joins back the Pakistani squad? There are hundreds of questions of this sort but no answer. It is because, Muhammad Amir’s current mental status does not allow him to speak the right for himself. He is planning to file a plea to the court to allow him to play cricket at international level. Let’s see what the court will say about his appeal. He is under severe stress right now and needs a psychological help to come out from the traumatic situation which he has seen. We pray for his better future and  hope for a real come back of Muhammad Amir in the International Cricket.

Despite the fact the Muhammad Aamir has been banned from cricket for few years, his talent cannot be denied. He is a fast left arm bowler. One can hope that after this episode where he has faced a penalty, he will respect the rules of this game more and will try to climb up the ladder through his immense talent.

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