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Nine Cricketers Regarded As Most Handsome in 2015/16

In countries where cricket is popular, they’re just crazy about this sport, as well as the sportsmen. Let’s take a look at the list of most handsome cricketers in 2015.

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi – He’s one of the world’s best players, but ‘Boom’ Afridi has incredible charm, with which she has won the fans from all over the world. His beard is seen as one of his greatest assets by fans.

Kevin Pietersen – Mix of English and Afrikaner blood is what made Kevin such a hunk. He decided to play for English national team, but wherever he went during his career, he had an incredibly large fan base, as the ladies often came to the games only to watch him.

Michael Clarke – Australian cricketer has a smile that takes your breath away, but bad news for other candidates is that he is married to a model named Kyly Boldy, with whom he has one child.

Brett Lee – He was recognized as one of the fastest bowlers in cricket when he was an international star, but the Australian also loves acting. He takes care of his looks and that’s why he made the most handsome cricketers list.

Virat Kohli – It is familiar that Kohli is into fashion, and his style in combination with his look is a deadly combination for the ladies. Indian is also a great cricketer.

AB de Villiers – he is the captain of Test and ODI teams of South Africa, and he’s a natural talent for cricket and a natural in being pretty. His marriage with Danielle Swart didn’t affect his base of female fans at all, he is still very popular.

Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook – Another guy on the most handsome cricketers list coming from England. His main assets are his height, dark eyes and a nice jawline, the combo of this is breathtaking for any woman.

Kumar Sangakkara – Former member of Sri Lankan national team set many records when he played for his national side. He was also noticed by many ladies out there and is regarded highly by them.

Ahmed Shehzad – Pakistani cricketer is a real sweetheart, his style and charm are what ranks him great with the ladies.

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