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Off Break and Leg Break Bowling

by on February 24, 2010
in Cricket Master Class

How to do off break bowling?

Cricket is a game of bat and ball played with the team. Bowling and batting are two main aspects of this game and a player playing in the game should be master in at least one of them. If we look at the techniques of bowling, there are two main ways to bowl- fast bowling (or medium pace) and spin bowling. Let us today learn the aspect of spin bowling.

Spin bowling can be done two ways- Off-break bowling and leg-break bowling. Off-break or off-spin bowling is the most famous bowling style of spin bowling. An off-break delivery turns from the off-side to the leg-side when right-hand batsman is playing and for the left-hand batsman, it is exactly the opposite. The spin can be generated through the first and second fingers of the hand and more the ball revolves, more the chance of ball spinning.

In off break bowling, middle joint of the index finger and middle fingers are spread across the seam. The ball actually rests against the third finger and thumb has very less role involved in the activity. Turning the wrist as well as index finger will actually turn the ball in the clockwise direction.

How to do leg break bowling?

Cricket is a game of bat and ball played in the team. The two important aspects of cricket are bowling and batting. In order to get a place into the team, you have to master the art of one of them. Here, we are going to learn the leg break bowling technique of spin bowling.

Spin bowling has two techniques, off-break and leg-break bowling. Let us look at the technique of leg-break bowling.
Leg-break bowling is to spin the ball from the leg-side to the off-side for the right-hand batsman after bouncing on the pitch. For the left-hand batsman, it is exactly opposite. The art of leg-break bowling is tough and very less people are able to master the task just like spin legend Shane Warne had done. A fatal delivery that can be bowled with the leg-break action is ‘googly’ that actually goes straight with the action of spin. Even though the batsman thinks the ball will go out of the off-stump after pitching, the ball actually comes to hit either stumps.


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