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Pakistan vs Zimbabwe-Cricket World Cup records


  • Both teams took part in 1983 Cricket World Cup; Zimbabwe was participating for the first time in the tournament. Since Pakistan cricket team and Zimbabwe were in different groups, no match was played between them; moreover Zimbabwe didn’t qualify for the knock out stage either.
  • Same scenario happened in the ICC Cricket World Cup of 1987.
  • The first ever match played between the two teams was in the ICC world cup of 1992 where Pakistan defeated Zimbabwe by 53 runs.
  • In 1996 Cricket World Cup, Pakistan cricket team and Zimbabwean cricket team were assigned different groups as a result of which no match was played between both the teams since only Pakistan once again made it to the knock out stage.
  • In 1999 Cricket World Cup, both the teams qualified to the super six stage and came across each other where Pakistan cricket team received an appreciable victory over Zimbabwe by 148 runs.
  • In 2003 Cricket World Cup, because of rain the match was called off after 14 overs of game play. The match couldn’t be continued and no result was declared.
  • Pakistan and Zimbabwe were in the same group i.e group D in ICC Cricket World Cup of 2007. Following its previous pattern of victories, Pakistan once again defeated zimbabve by giving them a very challenging target of 349. Pakistan won by 93 runs.

In 2011 cricket world cup. Pakistan and Zimbabwe faced each other another time. This match was decided on D/L method. Zimbabwe scored 151 at the loss of 7 wickets. According to the D/L method the target was adjusted. Pakistan had the target of 162 runs. Pakistan scored 164 in 34.1 overs. Pakistan achieved the target at the loss of only 3 wickets. It was another formidable win for Pakistan. Zimbabwe still has to defeat Pakistan and a handful of other test playing nations in a world cup contest. Performance of Zimbabwe in the recent world cups has not been too good.

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