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Popular batsman of West Indies cricket team: Augustine Lawrence Logie

by on November 10, 2012
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Augustine Lawrene Logie of West Indies cricket team

Popular cricket player Augustine Lawrence Logie, a former West Indian cricket, is a dominant name of the 1980s who was a strong batsman as well as a competent fielder. Today, Logie is a coach for the International Cricket. Through his playing career, he participated in 52 Test matches and 158 ODIs wherein he made three International centuries.

With quite a flourishing playing era Logie relished from 1978-1992 with the Trinidad and Tobago cricket team and the West Indian cricket team, his appearance in 52 Test innings bequeathed him with two centuries that includes his best score feat i.e. 130 in 1983 playing against India. In 1998, Logie hit the top average with a running score of 364 at 72.80 which won him the title of Man of the Match at Lord’s.  In 1993, he was given the honor of the Humming Bird Medal Silver for the sporting for the Trinidad and Tobago. He has also scored 16 half centuries in the test cricket 14 half centuries in the One Day International cricket. 

Logie was the first cricketer who acquired the credit for being the Man of Match for Fielding! Between 2003 and 2004, Logie also served as a coach for the West Indian team as well as for the Canadian cricket team.

On leaving the West Indies team in 1992 after his retirement, he coached the W Connection Wanderers Cricket Club and then subsequently joined the Bermudian cricket team. However, owing to the deteriorating setback seen in the World Cup of 2007, Logie stepped down from the coaching charge. 

Logie was what the West Indian cricket team in the 90s and 80s. Devastating and too good at what he did. His batting won West Indies many matches and he fielded like a the fielding biggies such as Rhodes etc. West Indian cricket team at its peak time is what any team would want to be. Aggression and skills, both were blended in tremendous balance by West Indian players.

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