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Popular Cricketer Peter Kirsten

by on November 20, 2012
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Popular Cricketer Peter Kirsten

Peter Kirsten is an ex-player of the South African team. A right handed batsman and a right arm off-break bowler, Kirsten made his Test cricket debut when he was 36, owing to the exclusion of the South African cricket team from the Test continuum during the 70s and the 80s. Kirsten was then a dynamic player, a determined batsman and a victorious fielder who made winning feats for Derbyshire and the Western Province.

Kirsten career’s highlights include the superb five centuries he made in successive innings in 1976-77 and continued the same order with six centuries in seven. He started playing as a professional in 1978 and was part of a total of 106 matches when he performed for Derbyshire during 1978-82 and pocketed a good score of 7,722 runs averaging at 49.50. Kirsten also played for Western Province in a total of 133 matches in the course of which he secured 9,087 runs averaging at 41.88. He also captained the team through the 1980s over a good 3 seasons and contributed to the team’s achievement of first-class and also the double series of One Day Tournament held during 1981-82.

When the South African team went on its first tour of India on the invitation by the International Cricket Conference, Kirsten performed in all 3 One Day Internationals and was endowed with the honorable award of Man of the Match, owing to its unbeaten score of 86 in the final.  Post-retirement, Peter Noel Kirsten also wrote a biography along with Telford Vice that was published by the name of ‘In the nick of time’

Along with Gary Kirsten, Peter Kirsten also left some significant performance marks on the South African cricket side. South Africa cricket team is particularly a blessed side for having too much talent. It’s a pity that the team has never won a world cup even though they have always been the best contenders.

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