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Popular fast bowler of West Indian cricket team: Michael Holding

by on November 10, 2012
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One of the fastest bowlers of cricket world: Michael Holding

Michael Holding, a former cricketer of the West Indian team, was one of the fastest bowlers ever who played Test cricket. Due to his swift yet silent bowling style, he was nicknamed by the umpires as ‘Whispering Death’. With a height of 6 ft 3½ in, Holding bowled in a flawless manner that produced quite a massive amount of bounce and zip off the field.

Holding made his greatest over in Test history in 1981 in Bridgetown where poor Geoff Boycott, an English batsman was clean bowled only after the first five balls as he was juggling to avoid being hit by the swiftly thrown ball. It was a spectacular sight and earned Holding much appraise by the crowd. In his Test career, he has the record for the maximum number of sixes in any Test career for any cricketer. With 36 sixes in his entire Test career, he is placed at 32 in all-time list even today as a remarkable feat, a quarter of his Test runs consisted of sixes by large. He claimed 249 wickets at an economy rate of 2.79 in the test cricket. 

In one day international cricket team, Michael Holding took 142 wickets at an average of 21.36. He took five four wickets hauls and one five wickets haul. In test cricket, Michael Holding claimed 11 four wickets hauls and 13 five wicker hauls. His status of being Whispering Death says a lot about his lucrative bowler for West Indian cricket team. He was fearless and talented and really knew how to threaten his opponents.

At present, he is regarded as one the most respected and  wickets in honorable cricket commentators in the world, being a member of the Sky Sport cricket commentary team, Holding is a matchesster as well.

Michael Holding is easily the name that falls with Malcom Marshall and Ambrose who defined fast bowling in their time.

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