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Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Majid Khan

by on November 21, 2012
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Popular Pakistani Cricket Player Majid Khan

Majid Khan was born on the 28th of September, 1946 and was the former captain of the Pakistani cricket team. The first thing that needs to be mentioned and is known to most people is that Majid Khan is a cousin of Imran Khan, the legendary cricket player of Pakistan who is also credit with winning the only cricket world cup for Pakistan in 1992. He was also considered to be the most fearless batsmen that the team ever had. His International first class career expanded over the years 1961 to 1985 in which he made over 27,000 runs, 73 centuries as well as 128 half centuries. His test career started in 1964 during which he scored 3,931 runs with 8 centuries. His last test match was against India in Lahore in the year 1983 and his last One Day International was played against England in 1982 at Manchester. Majid played 23 one day internationals where is scored 786 runs including one century and seven fifties. In test cricket however, Majid was much successful as he scored 3931 runs in 63 test matches scoring eight centuries and nineteen fifties in his test career.

Majid Khan played his debut test in the year 1964/65 against England and also continued to play for Lahore in 1961/62. In a match, he made 147 runs in only 89 minutes giving 5 sixes in a single match to Roger Davis. In the year 1972, the team won the Walter Lawrence Trophy which was also recorded o be the fastest century of the season. He was also selected as the captain of the team during the Welsh County series held during 1973 to 1976. Famous Pakistani cricket players Imran Khan and Javed Burki are his cousins. The most memorable period of Majid Khan’s career was during their tour of West Indies in 1976/77. In the tour he scored 537 runs as against the most powerful bowlers of cricket history. His best performance was recorded in the second innings at Georgetown in which he made 167 runs and which saved Pakistan from defeat.  However, the team lost the series with 2-1.

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