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Popular West Indian cricket player: Richard Benjamin Richardson

by on November 10, 2012
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Popular West Indian cricket player: Richard Benjamin Richardson

Who doesn’t know Viv Richardson or as we say Sir Viv Richardson. Richardson is a renowned name in the list of former West Indian cricketers. He also served his team as a captain during his tenure as a player. He stepped into the field of cricketer in 1982 as an opener with the Leewards Island. Following his season season, he went aboard the West Indian team to tour India during the season of 1983-84. He initiated batting in the middle-order and it didn’t take him long to emerge as an ostentatious batsman alongside being an outstanding fast bowler.

Soon after the retirement of Viv Richards from Test match, Richardson, better known as Richie was capped with the captaincy of the team. The team went out in the playing field 24 times under his captaincy out of which 11 matches were won. Richie captained for a good 4 years during which the team lost only one series that was played in 1995 against Australia.

Up till 1995, Richie played 86 Test matches and hit a score of 5,949 runs including 16 centuries and 27 fifties along with averaging at 44.39. This superb West Indian player exhibited a strong profile against Australia, hitting a superb 9 centuries while the highest score was acquired in 1989 against India. Richardson played a total of 224 ODIs inclusive of 3 World Cups scoring 6248 runs. 

The last international he played was the semi final for the World Cup of 1996 against Australia after which he resigned from the role of captainship.

Viv Richardson was a phenomenal batsman of his time. Even now, very few batsman can come close to his excellent game technique and shot composition. Richie is someone who is an inspiration for many young batsmen.

Post-retirement from International cricket, Richie became the first ever high profile signing by the English All-Star Club Cricket Team: Lashings World XI and is also the present captain of the team. 

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