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Scorers and Umpires in Cricket

by on February 24, 2010
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What do umpires do?

Cricket is a sport played between two teams with number of runs scored by batting team and number bowls bowled by bowling team. If batsman is batting and bowler is bowling, there is an official present who can count the number of balls bowled by bowler and numbers of runs scored by batsman. Such an official is known to as a scorer. Scorer is given a score book where he can write score of runs as well as score of balls and all other details like number of wide balls bowled or number of boundaries scored by a batsman, and many such details. Whenever an umpire gives a decision, scorer acknowledges him and adds the details into his score book.

Now, think about a case where batsman edges the ball through to keeper who is officially out but who will decide that yes, this is out. Umpire is such official who stands on the field to make such decisions while cricket is played and gives the decision. On the boundary scored by a batsman, he indicates a boundary. In case of appeal by bowler and fielding team for the wicket of a batsman, umpire makes a decision whether batsman is out or not. In short, umpire is an official who presides over the match and maintains proper functioning of the match.

Ways of scoring in cricket

Cricket is a team game to be played with bat and ball. There are two main aspects of cricket- batting and bowling. At a time, a team can either do bowling or batting. A team that bats, scores the runs and team that bowls bowled out the balls (or called as deliveries). The score is an important factor of the game as like other games. Today, let us see the granularity of the cricket score, or how cricket score is displayed or what is the scoring method in cricket.The cricket score is written in the format of run/wicket or wicket/run, example- 245/8 or 8/245. In this score, single digit (8) indicates the number of fallen wickets for the batting team and figure 245 shows the number of runs scored by a batting team. The total number of wickets dedicated to a team is only ten, due to that reason, wicket digit can only go up to ten (10) whereas, number of runs scored depends on the format of the game. In a test cricket, number of runs scored can be anything. In an ODI cricket, there is a limit of fifty overs, so it can be limited and can be scored within fifty overs.

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