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Sri Lankan Former Cricket Star Nuwan Zoysa

by on December 21, 2012
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Sri Lankan Former Cricket Star Nuwan Zoysa

Nuwan Zoysa, former cricketer of the Sri Lankan team, was born in Colombo, on May 13, 1978. Zoysa is known to be a leading wicket taker for Sri Lankan cricket team for a long time. His height and bowling style has always impressed the opponents. His wicket taking ability has played part in making Sri Lanka win many matches. He made his debut in the Sri Lankan Cricket team, during its tour to New Zealand, in 1996-97. Zoysa showed noteworthy improvement with all matches he played. He is a gifted cricketer who has publicized distinction in ODIs as well as test matches.  In Harare, November 1999, in a match played against Zimbabwe, in the very first over, he declared a hat-trick. In a match played with Mumbai Indians, he conceded 37 runs in 3 over.  However, his cricket ride was not  as even as it appeared like his track record. Instead it was jagged due to various injuries he suffered from.  But this did not destabilize his cricket performance and this seam bowler  continued to play with unchanged dynamism.

Zoysa did not show his expertise as a fine spinner only. He was a first-class batsman and a smart stroke player too. In the ODI, played in 2003-04, he made 47 runs, which supported Sri Lanka in winning the last match against Australia. This was one of his noteworthy achievements which are a clear manifestation of his batting skills. His bowling was progressing towards the rising grid. Zoysa was fortunate to take 5 wickets against South Africa, in ODI,  which added to his eminence. He became a destructive feature for his rival team. Till this time, Zoysa has taken 64 wickets in test matches and 108 wickets in One Day Internationals.

After the retirement of Zoysa and Chaminda Vaas, Sri Lankan cricket team struggled till the time they found Malinga who is currently the most lethal fast bowler from Sri Lankan side.


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