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Shahid Afridi Vs Chris Gayle: Who Is The Best Hard Hitter Of Cricket World

by on August 18, 2013
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Afridi and Gayle are known as the best hard hitters in their teams and have earned lot of fame and score in various tournaments. Afridi, typically recognized as Boom Boom and Lala in his team, has made immense records of fastest centuries and half centuries during different cricket matches of his career. Likewise, Gayle possesses a lot of fame due to his specific hitting style. The analysis of Afridi Vs Gayle shows that Afridi is the most feared batsman in the world while on the other hand, Chris Gayle is undisputedly considered as the most dangerous cricket batsman who has given many winning shots to his team. Both have a very aggressive way of playing cricket and they both are considered as the dangerous and hard hitting batsmen so far. It is very difficult to critically judge better player in the competition of Afridi Vs Gayle as evaluating them on the basis of their performance is never easy. Read more..