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All time cricket legends, Imran Khan vs. Kapil Dev – Wasim Akram vs. Kapil Dev

by on August 19, 2009
in Best of the Best, India, Pakistan

Imran Khan vs Kapil Dev Cricket

Imran Khan vs. Kapil Dev

A few years ago an Indian news channel CNN-IBN had a wonderful program featuring sub-continent’s two great all-rounders, Imran Khan and Kapil Dev. The channel discussed about the tough life of an all-rounder, the competition that took between the two great all-rounders in their time and the edge with how they led there teams.

Now as far as Imran Khan is concerned he was one of the most handsome personalities to ever grace the sport of Cricket who looked more like a Hollywood Star. His presence on the field exuded the feeling of seeing an emperor commanding his knights. Read more..

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