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Which Teams Marked 2015 in Test, ODI, and T20 Cricket?

Australian Cricket Team

Australia – Australians have won 2015 Cricket World Cup, which is more than enough to make them one of the best cricket teams of 2015, at least when it comes to ODI format. They failed to win all matches in their group, but they were the best when it was most needed and won against New Zealand in the final.

New Zealand – they started the World Cup in a great manner, winning all of their group matches and advancing to the final, but failed to secure a win against Australia and had to be satisfied with the second place.

South Africa – As for South Africa, they can be satisfied with their performances in 2015. They failed to win the semifinal of the World Cup but are still among four best cricket teams when it comes to ODI format. They also put in some great performances in T20 format, winning against Bangladesh and drawing New Zealand in a T20I Series.

Pakistan Cricket Team

Pakistan – their national team put in some great performances in Test series against England towards the end of the year, winning two and drawing one game on a neutral turf in the United Arab Emirates. They also showed well in T20I and ODI Series in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka and managed to go into the quarter-final of the World Cup, so they can be satisfied with the year they had.

Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka might not have been one of the best cricket teams in 2015, but they will satisfied because of some wins, like the ones in New Zealand in ODI Series in January and T20I Series in December. Unfortunately, South Africa got the better of them in the quarter-final of the World Cup.

West Indies – They managed to scrape two wins in the World Cup before getting eliminated from New Zealand in the quarter-final. They managed to win a game in the T20I Series in Sri Lanka.

India – India lost the World Cup semifinal against Australia, but is still one of the best cricket teams of the year. They won Test series in Sri Lanka after beating the home team twice, and Freedom Trophy, after defeating South Africa in four Test matches.

Pakistan Women Cricket Team Players

Pakistan Women Cricket Team Players

Cricket is the most played game in Pakistan. People don’t only love to watch cricket but also play it on the streets. The Women cricket team of Pakistan is also quite famous like the men Cricket team. The team is based on 15 talented and skillful players.

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The ICC T20 Cricket Champions

The ICC T20 Cricket Champions Read more..

Is Ajmal growing over Swann as modern day’s best spinner?

Is Ajmal growing over Swann as modern day’s best spinner?As time is passing, cricket is evolving and growing better by every passing day. The players also are developing new techniques and skills to perform their best on the field. Just when everyone thought that the world of cricket is witnessing the phase of extinction of off-spinners breed with the retirement of Muralitharan and the degrading performances of Harbhajan Singh, the beautiful game of cricket gave the world two world class off-spinners in Saeed Ajmal and Graeme Swann.

Whether it is in Indian subcontinent or in English conditions, Graeme Swann has proved himself on every turf that he has been asked to play. On the other hand, Saeed Ajmal has changed the game of cricket with his skillful bowling changes and his variations. Pakistan fraternity is now equipped with a weapon which it has not witnessed since the departure of Saqlain Mushtaq from the scene. The land of Akram’s , Imran’s and Waqar’s has seen some of the greats in the spin department with Abdul Qadir and Mushtaq Ahmad being the best among them. But it was Saeed Ajmal who made his mark as one of the perfect game changer a team wants in its ranks. He has breathed a new life into the Pakistani bowling attack. Read more..

Cricket Teams-An Overview

Cricket Teams-An Overview

Cricket Teams-An Overview

A cricket team is a precious asset to any nation. The game of cricket is equally loved by children as well as elders. Traditionally, cricket is England’s national game. But over time, this game has achieved international status.  The cricket teams represent their respective countries on both national and international tournaments. All the nations feel proud of their cricket teams and consider the players of the team as heroes escalating their national glory.  The game of cricket serves to unite the whole nation magically and evokes stronger sense of patriotism whenever the team comes in the ground to perform and confront their opponents. In this game couple of teams arrives in the ground to compete each other with bat, balls and wickets.  Each cricket team consists of eleven players. One team performs bating while the other rests on bowling. With the beginning of second round the batting team takes the bowling team position and vice versa. This is currently the game having world-wide popularity. Read more..

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