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Teams with Best Test Cricket and World Cup Records

by on February 27, 2010
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Which teams have the best test records?

A cricket is a team game played with bat and ball and it is necessary to either learn bowling or batting in order to become a part of a cricket team. A cricket match is played between two teams where one team does the bowling and other team does the batting. The international cricket is played in three formats Test matches, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty-20. The toughest format of all is Test Cricket where cricket is played for five continuous days.

The best team in the test arena is Australian cricket team. The team has played 767 test matches out of which it has won three-hundred and sixty (360) test matches  which is the highest winning percentage by any team till now. South African team is at the second number with the winning percentage of 34.77%. Then comes the English Cricket team that has won 34.74% of matches and the number of winning matches is 339 out of 952. Next is the West Indian cricket team that has winning percentage of 32.90% with winning one-hundred and fifty-two (152) matches. The fifth in this list is Sri Lanka that has winning percentage of 31.25%. 

Which teams have the best World Cup records?

Cricket is a team game. The contest of cricket is played between two teams where one team does the bowling and fielding at a time and other team does the batting. Bowling team delivers the balls to batsman and batsman hits them to score runs. In order to control international cricketing world, there is a cricket council known as International Cricket Council (ICC) who arranges World Cup of One-Day International format. Let us look at some of the best teams that have very good record in the World Cups.

Undoubtedly, the best team with World Cup records is Australia who has won four World Cups out of nine World Cup played till today. Three of these World Cup wins were hat-tricks, won in 1999, 2003 and 2007. The second best team with such a record is West Indies who has won both the opening World Cup in 1975 and 1979. The second position is shared by both India and West Indies as both countries have won two World Cups. The third best team is Sri Lankan  cricket team for winning world cup in 1996. The fourth best team in the record is the founder of cricket, England, who reached the semi-final level four times but lost the game in the end.