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Best Teams of Women Cricket

by on October 19, 2013
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Best Teams of Women Cricket

Best Teams of Women Cricket

Cricket is not only the game of men as it is generally boasted about. There is a full fledge women cricket team in many countries of the world. Let us discuss some of the best teams of the world featuring women cricket players. We have prepared a list of the top ten teams here as well as tried to make a summarized list of the few best players too. Let’s check them out to find out who is the best team according to our list. We have also gained information from ODI rankings to make the list of the top five players.

  1. 1.      Australian Women Cricket Team

Starting since 1935, Australian women cricket team has been playing matches to represent its nation.

  1. 2.      Indian Women Cricket Team

India started its first round of women cricket match in 1977 and ever since has been winning laurels for the country. Read more..

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