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Zimbabwe Cricket Team – Profile

by on February 11, 2010
in Zimbabwe

zimbabwe cricket team

Zimbabwe Cricket team is a team that has seldom shone in the world cricket with their performances. The team having less talent; can only challenge some teams in the World Cup. Their World Cup record is not much good. They have never gone far from first round. The only prospects of the team are their keeper Charles Coventry (who has the record of highest number of runs scored by an individual in one-day cricket), their captain Prosper Utseya, who can bat as well as bowl and some other players. Even though the team has such good perspectives in batting, they have very weak bowling attack that is not able to defend even big scores. Even though, Zimbabwe batting has shined in recent times, their bowling has failed to equal while defending the big scores.

The responsible factor for such a bad condition of Zimbabwe cricket team is the ongoing politics in the country that forced the good players to rebel from the cricket team. But, one cannot say anything about cricket. As the saying goes, “Cricket is by chance”. It is surely possible that Zimbabwe Cricket can bounce back from their current form in 2011 World Cup and can throw challenges to big teams just as did by India in 1983 and Sri Lanka in 1996. There aren’t many hopes in case of Zimbabwe but they can be competitive for teams like Afghanistan and Ireland in 2015 ICC Championship.