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T20 World Cup 2010 Tournament-Facts

by on April 20, 2010
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Brief review of T20 World cup 2010 qualifying rounds

World 20Twenty 2010 has been in action since April 30. The win/lose trend has been pretty predictable as strong teams are still dominating the tournament. 20Twenty is now in Super Eights round from where four teams would be selected for semi-finals. Talking about qualifying round to secure the position in Super Eights, the most comprehensive performance has been shown by Australia and India. Both the teams have shown an all rounder performance without creating any sense of uncertainty in their approaches. Australia defeated the defending champion Pakistani team in a very stylish way. They won both their group matches. As per India, they showed their immense potential and energy against South Africa and defeated them. India is also among the teams who won both their matches in a very comprehensive way.

New Zealand also managed to win both matches in its group but the performance was not that comprehensive in a match against Sri Lanka. It was a close call and match went till last minute. So there is a lot more uncertainty attached to Kiwis regarding their performance in Super Eights. The defending champions Pakistan does not seem in form at all and they are struggling with their batting and bowling as well. The problem is not only with their form but also the crisis and controversies in their team. When it comes to Sri Lanka, their game highly depends on their main players, Mahela and Sangakkara. In their win, major contributions of these players make a big difference. But overall, Sri Lanka could be the winning team. South African is more about fate. Even though they put in their best effort, but fate always has something unexpected for them. Their bowling side seems a bit weaker this season but batting lineup is very strong. So let’s see how they perform in the Super Eights. West Indies is struggling with both batting and bowling line up. Even though they qualified for the Super Eights but their team could not be considered as a comprehensive and all rounder team. England had a close match with Ireland which made their form a bit doubtful. But again, when it comes to Ireland, they have a magic trick to make upsets in the tournament.

T20 World Cup 2010 Groups

The third T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2010) will be held in the West Indies from 30th April to 16th May. Excitement is guaranteed in this shortest format of cricket tournament as 12 top teams of the world will be fighting for the Championship title, currently held by Pakistan.

The 12 teams are divided into 4 groups; each group having 3 teams. Besides the 10 test cricket playing countries, two more have qualified for this tournament. The T20 World Cup Qualifier was held in UAE earlier this year in which eight teams (USA, UAE, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Canada, and Kenya) participated. Afghanistan and Ireland being the top two qualifiers, made it to the T20 World Cup tournament.

The groups are as follows:
Group A: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia.
Group B: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe.
Group C: South Africa, India, Afghanistan.
Group D: West Indies, England, Ireland.
The first match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand at the Providence Stadium, Guyana will set the ball rolling for the tournament and the final will be played at the Kingston Oval, Bridge town, Barbados.
The World T20 is an action packed tournament where you can expect the unexpected. This is the reason this format of Cricket has gained a lot of popularity.

T20 Cricket World Cup 2010-Super Eights

Teams like South Africa and the Kiwis were expected to get through to the semi-finals but fate had something else in the treasure box. The most unpredictable team to qualify for the semi-final turned out to be the defending champions Pakistan who weren’t in good form. They won only one of their Super Eight matches against South Africa while at the same time, they were dependent on England’s win over Kiwis to qualify for the semi-final. England won the game and that led us through to the match against Australia. Though England’s team stumbled at the beginning of the tournament, they played an astounding game in the Super Eights and deserved to secure  a place in the semi-final.

West Indies also struggled with their performance but they startled the audiences when they won against the Indian team in a very tense and thrilling game. Clearly, India needs to work on its batting on bouncy pitches like the one in the West Indies. For South Africa, it is an urgent requirement to bring in  young blood as players like Kallis and Gibbs are a bit old to perform well in Twenty20 format. As luck has always favoured the Pakistani team, they have made it to the consecutive third semi-final of the Twenty20 World Cup. It seems that no matter how much they are struggling with their performance,  they own this game format.

The semi-finalists of World Cup T20 2010 include Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka and England. Pakistan is going to play Australia and England is going to play Sri Lanka in the semi-final of World 20Twenty 2010.

England won T20 World Cup 2010

The might of Australians was ‘seriously’ damaged by an outstanding performance of Englishmen in the final of T20 World Cup. Australia collapsed at the score of 147 runs which was chased by England very comprehensively. They won the match, grabbed the trophy, leaving Australians to wonder, “What went wrong seriously?” With this result, finally the most happening cricket series ended by entertaining millions of people world over. Every game created sensation with its unpredictable results.

Popularity of T20 Cricket format

The famous 20-20 format of Cricket was introduced in 2003, in England in the domestic league. During the first few years of its inception, it was not much welcomed, as it was regarded as nothing, opposite to the old cricket traditions. But, with the passage of time, it slowly and gradually started getting attention of all key test playing nations. Due to its shorter format and excitement filled in it, it enjoys the privilege of providing full-time entertainment to the cricketing fans and is seen as the most attractive version of the cricket in the 150 years old history of cricket. Cricketing nations started playing International T20s in 2005 and since then, it has been the most favorite format of all cricketing nations. It has gained wide popularity world wide and has especially influenced the people of sub-continent.With so much fame, it became eminent for the ICC to organize a World Cup for this format of the game. Many editions of the World Cup have been played by cricket teams by now.

T20 World Cup 2010 Tournament-Facts: Best performers in Twenty20 World Cup

Want to know who holds the record for bowling, batting, most sixes, most fours, century and half century? Let’s have a quick tour of the statistics pool of the Twenty-Twenty World Cup 2009.

Defenders of T20 2009 World Cup: Pakistan
Lead Run scorers
• TM Dilshan of SriLanka with total runs of 382
• Gautam Gambhir of India with total runs of 375
• Shoaib Malik of Pakistan with total runs of 339
Most sixes smashed by: Yuvraj Singh of India, 21 6’s
Most fours smashed by: TM Dilshan of Sri Lanka, 48 4’s
Highest score set as target: By Sri Lanka of 260 runs
The only century scored by: Chris Gayle of West Indies
Most 50’s score by: Gautam Gambhir and Michael Hayden. Both scored 4 50’s
Leading Bowlers of the Twenty-Twenty World Cup
Umer Gul of Pakistan: 26 wickets in all with a best of 5 wickets by giving 6 runs
Shahid Afridi of Pakistan: 23 wickets in all with a best of 4 wickets by giving 23 runs.
Malinga of Sri Lanka: 19 wickets in all with a best of 3 wickets by giving 43 runs
So this was a sneak peek into the Twenty20 cricket statistics. Keep in mind and recall them while watching the event.

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