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Top cricketer of West Indies cricket team: Carl Llewellyn Hooper

by on November 10, 2012
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Legendary batsman and bowler of west indies Carl Hooper

Carl Hooper, a former cricket player as well as captain of the West Indies cricket team, had a right-handed batting style and was an off-spin bowler. It was in the late 1980s that he emerged with some dominance and from this point onwards, represented his team over a span of 21 years international cricket career.

Who doesn’t know Hopper? A brilliant and fearless batsman who was not even seen in a helmet because he always knew what he was doing on the field. He has been known for his hard hitting skills and was an essential player for the West Indian cricket side. Hooper continued his career for a very long time and even represented the team in 2000s.

It in 2001 when Hooper played in a Test series and accomplished his highest innings score i.e. 233. In his entire Test playing career, he made 5,762 runs and was looked upon as an unpredictable Test batsman due to his low average shows of 36.46 in around 102 Test innings. However, his batting in ODIs exhibited a far better play averaging at 35.34 over 227 matches. Carl Hooper has scored 27 fifties in test cricket and 29 fifties in One Day Internationals. During his career, he was able to score 13 test centuries and 7 ODI centuries as well.

Having represented Guyana at domestic first-class level and also having participated in the English County cricket, in 2003, Hooper was the 2nd player who had made a century playing against 18 various county teams! He also holds the honor of being the 1st Cricketer in the World who hit a score of 5000 runs, took 100 catches, won an equal number of wickets and received 100 caps in ODIs as well as Tests. Hooper was a very strong and competitive slip fielder as well.

Ever since the late 1990s, Carl Llewellyn Hooper has subsisted in Adelaide and was appointed as coach for the Woodville District Cricket Club in the same region for the seasons of 2010-11 and 2011-12 respectively. 

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