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Top ODI All-Rounders of Australian Cricket Team

by on December 6, 2010
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Top ODI All-Rounders of Australian Cricket Team

For year’s team Australia has been dominating ODI cricket by introducing more consistent all-rounders in every match who bowl extremely well and are superb batsmen. Steve Waugh ranks number one among the Australian all-rounders as he scored high runs for Australia by batting sensibly and took many wickets because of his unpredictable medium-pace bowling. Steve Waugh has scored and taken 7569 runs along with 195 wickets, respectively in 325 ODIs.Second most highly praised Australian all-rounder in ODIs is Shane Warne, a consistent batsman and the most fantastic legbreak googly bowler Australia ever had as he took most of the wickets in every match as a result he was able to score 1018 runs in 107 ODI innings and take more than 290 wickets in 194 ODI appearances. Third in rankings is Andrew Symonds because on pitch he is an aggressive player with a broad chest who knows every technique to score large number of runs and do accurate spin bowling. He has currently scored and taken 5088 runs and 133 wickets respectively, followed by Shane Waston with 2982 runs and 118 ODi wickets.

  1. S.Waugh
  2. S.Warne
  3. A.symonds
  4. S.Watson
  5. J.Gillespie
  6. C.White
  7. S.O.Donnell
  8. D.Hussey
These all rounders from Australian Cricket Team have helped this team get the title of “Invincibles” in the 2000s.
Although Australian Cricket team is no more considered as the invincible they were for almost a decade, Austrlian team still has some very good all rounders. Glen Maxwell for example is no Glenn McGrath when it comes to bowling, but as an all rounder he usually proves himself to be very useful. One of the best new names in Australian cricket all rounders is Steven Smith. Smith has improved a lot as an all rounder, and has a handful of matches he has won for Australia on his credit. Mitchell Johnson in a bowling all rounder. Johnson’s batting has improved steadily over past few years.


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