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Top Ten Best Captains of England in Test and ODI Cricket

by on December 1, 2010
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Top Ten Best Captains of England in Test Cricket

Mike Brearley was the best leader a team could have. He was an excellent captain and had inherited all the qualities required at the Test level of the game. He was a very level headed player and always passed on the same to his team mates. He was very versatile in his attack and he owes his brilliant record to that. He was very intuitive at the Test level matches. It was in 1981 that he shot to fame with his brilliant captaincy.

AJ Strauss was one such captain who knew how to handle pressure and with the right set of players, they could always make it to the top.

England has had some very good captains who have been intelligent, as well as independent players. Top ten best captains of England in test cricket are:

1. JM Brearly
2. AJ Strauss
3. R Illingworth
4. MP Vaughan
5. RGD Wills
6. N Hussain
7. GA Gooch
8. MA Atherton
9. AW Greig
10. AJ Stewart

Top Ten Best Captains of England in ODI Cricket

Mike Gatting got his status as a captain pretty late in the game, but when he did, he made full use of it. He was amazing with the bat, and managed to create quite some records. He always played fair matches, and sometimes his straightforwardness created a problem for him and his team, because being honest and straight forward didn’t always match up to his game.

One Day Internationals requires the captain to be calm, composed and effective, as that is what helps him keep his team together and take them ahead. England had such a captain in MP Vaughan.

Under the captaincy of AJ Strauss, they are currently doing well as he is an experienced player and knows how to handle the pressure. Top ten captains of England in ODI are:

1. MW Gatting
2. DB Close
3. MH Denness
4. JM Brearley
5. MP Vaughan
6. RGD Wills
7. GA Gooch
8. N Hussain
9. PD Collingwood
10. AJ Strauss


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