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Top Ten Best Partnerships in Test-ODI-T20 and World Cup Cricket

by on January 8, 2011
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Sanga Kara + Jaywardene

Top Ten Best Partnerships in Test Cricket 

Test cricket is all about partnerships, but partnership does not mean just keep sticking with the wicket and not rotating the strike. In test records, the best partnership is between two great Sri Lankan players. Sangakara and Jayawardene are the back bone of the Sri Lankan team and they are  very consistent in making partnerships. Once they become settled on the pitch it is almost impossible for any bowler to go through their defense. Many great bowlers like Wasim and McGrath were found to be struggling against these two players.  This list of best partnerships in test shows that Sri Lankans are good in making partnerships.

Serial No Pair Partnership
1 Sanga Kara + Jaywardene 624
2 Jaysuriya +Mahanama 576
3 AH Jones + MD Crowe 467
4 WH Ponsford + DG Bradman 451
5 Mudassar Nazar+ Javed Miandad 451
6 CC Hunte + GS Sobers 446
7 Morven Atapattu + Sangakara 438
8 Jayawardene + Samaraweera 437
9 JA Rudoph HH Dippenaar 429
10 ND Mckenzie + Grame Smith 415


Top Ten Best Partnerships in One Day Cricket

Partnerships are important in any form of cricket whether it is test or one day cricket. Whenever we  make a list of great players of partnerships, Sachin would be definitely a part of that list. SACHIN not only builds his innings but also helps his partner score runs. Many other great players of cricket like Inzimam , Jayasuriya and Dravid scored most of their runs by making partnerships. This not only helped them to boost their career statistics but also helped their team to perform better. The best partnership in one day is again between Sachin and Dravid.

Serial No Pair Partnership
1 Sachin + R Dravid 331
2 Ganguly + R Dravid 318
3 Tharanga + ST Jayasuriya 286
4 M Azharudin + A Jadeja 275
5 JAH Marshall + BB McCullum 274
6 Amir Sohail + Inzmam Ul Haq 263
7 Gamguly + Tendulkar 258
8 Saleem Elahi + Abdul Razaq 257
9 SR Watson + R Ponting 252
10 Ganguly+ Dravid 244


Top Ten Best Partnerships in Twenty20 Cricket

Mostly people think that twenty20 cricket is about smashing around but the golden rule of partnerships applies here too. Player like Sangakkara, Salman Butt, and Sehwag have proved that partnership is important in this format too.  The last time that SriLanka lost the World Cup against Pakistan the clear difference was that they could not built partnerships whereas  on the Pakistani side Shoaib and Afridi had a great partnership. The following is the record of best partnerships in twenty20 cricket.

Serial No Pair Partnership
1 Graeme Smith +L Bosman 170
2 M Jaywardene +Kumar Sangakra 166
3 Chris Gayle + Deveon 145
4 Kamran Akmal + Salman Butt 142
5 Gautam Gambhir + Sehwag 136
6 Chris Gayle + Andre Fletcher 133
7 Graeme Smith + l Bosman 132
8 J Ryder + BB McCullum 130
9 David Obuya + Steve Tikolo 126
10 Tm Dilshan + Sanath Jaysuriya 124


Best Middle Order Partnerships in World Cup Cricket

The best partnerships in a cricket match are considered the key factor for the success of a team. Partnerships between the middle order batsmen are very important. It boosts the score of a team at a higher level. Middle order partnerships also put pressure on the opposing team. There are many memorable middle order partnerships in the history of the World Cup. The partnership between MJ Clarke & BJ Hodge is one of the most memorable partnerships in the history of the World Cup. They made 204 runs in partnership. The List of the best middle order partnerships is shown below.



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