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Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of West Indian Team in Test-ODI-T20 Cricket

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of West Indian Team in Test Cricket 

Test Cricket requires the players to be consistent and such that they can depend on each other so necessary co-ordination and communication is very important.

West Indies players need to make changes in their fielding strategies so that they can cover up for their batting and bowling mistakes. This might help them make changes in the statistics. Their strong point has always been batting.

West Indies no longer remain the same as they used to be; now there is a major dearth of motivation towards them which makes them uninterested, even after having the ability to do well.

The West Indies players need to get more consistent and attentive with test cricket as its performances are lacking, what with on the first day scoring extremely well, and struggling the very next day.

1. BC Lara
2. IVA Richards
3. CL Hooper
4. GS Sobers
5. CG Greenidge
6. RB Richardson
7. CH Lloyd
8. CH Gayle
9. DL Haynes
10. RC Fredericks

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of West Indian Team in ODI Cricket 

The West Indies team was quite popular in the 1960s with their numerous victories. But in the 1990s it had to see the downfall due to economic crunch and with the players’ interest declining in the game, even after having had two consecutive wins at the world cup.

One-day internationals tend to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of a nation as a whole.

West Indies requires proper guidance for One day Internationals so as to improve their game. Fielding on their side has been falling apart and to make any progress in the game, they need to drastically improve on that. West Indies is one of the major reasons why cricket became so popular.

1. CL Hooper
2. BC Lara
3. IVA Richards
4. CH Gayle
5. RB Richardson
6. S Chanderpaul
7. AL Logie
8. DL Haynes
9. RA Harper
10. PV Simmons

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of West Indian Team in T20 Cricket 

Chris Gayle became the first ever cricketer to score a century in the twenty-20 world cup. This itself speaks highly of their team. But the decline of interest in the game has started showing in the twenty-20 also.

Fielding is the cardinal area in this version of the game and a lot of hard work needs to be put in to achieve favorable results.

Twenty-20 is a different ball game altogether and requires a lot of power. In the recent matches, the fielding has shown some improvement and a little more dedication in the game will make them reach new heights as they have the presence of some wonderful players.

1. KA Pollard
2. DJG Sammy
3. ADS Fletcher
4. SJ Benn
5. RR Sarwan
6. S Chanderpaul
7. JE Taylor
8. CH Gayle
9. DJ Bravo
10. LMP Simmons

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