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Top Ten Pace Bowlers in ODI and T20 Cricket from Australia

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Top Ten Pace Bowlers in ODI Cricket from Australia

Selecting the top ten pace bowlers from Australia in the One Day International is not an easy task. Australia has produced many eminent fast bowlers in the past. They were not only speed stars, but very delicate swingers of the bowl as well. These top ten pace bowlers constrained the world-class openers to very low scores most of the time in the One Day Internationals and played a key-role in the success of their team. The final of the 1999 World Cup was proof of their performance in the One Day Internationals, when they destroyed the entire batting line up of Pakistan to snatch the World Cup. There are many stories related to the performance of each individual of this top ten pace bowlers list from Australia.

  • GD McGrath
  • B Lee
  • CJ McDermott
  • SR Waugh
  • NW Bracken
  • JN Gillespie
  • DW Fleming
  • MG Johnson
  • SR Watson
  • SP O’Donnell

Top Ten Pace Bowlers in T20 Cricket from Australia  

Although T20 is a new format in the international cricket, you can still get a classic list of top ten pace bowlers from Australia. T20 is the shortest format in cricket that doesn’t allow the bowler to mend his line and length because every bowler has only four overs to deliver. It is the hardest format in cricket for the bowlers. This list of top ten pace bowlers in T20 from Australia proves the fertilizing aptitude of that land for consistently producing enormous pace bowlers in the world of cricket. They use swing with perfect control of line length to contain the opponents on limited totals in most of the matches. Top ten pace bowlers of Australia in T20 are

  • MG Johnson
  • DP Nannes
  • SW Tait
  • NW Bracken
  • B Lee
  • SR Clark
  • JR Hopes
  • SR Watson
  • BW Hilfenhaus
  • MS Kasprowicz









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